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Brain fog\stuttering-anyone else?

Ok so an odd post but hey why not. I'm 3.5 weeks post lap and expecting my first period post op.

When I'm PMS-ing (like today), I sometimes get brain fog. It's like my brain can't connect 2 thoughts together and\or it takes me longer to find the right words to say. Sometimes I just can't concentrate and it's not great for work or actually talking to anyone because I must come across as a fool!

Does anyone else get this?

I also stutter a bit, not massively but I trip over my words. I don't generally get this at any other times other than when I get a migraine- which isn't too often so I'm not really worried, more curious.

Just wondering if it's the same thing for anyone else out there. I feel like, now I'm post op, it's a little worse because my hormones are all over the place.


Mel x

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Yup, definitely get brain fog. It's been pretty much constant for the last year, but I'm on Provera at the moment and that seems to be evening things out, hormonally - apart from the fact that I've caught a cold and the fog is back, I've actually had a couple of weeks of being able to think clearly, which is quite a treat!

Thankfully, I don't get migraines, the only time I get a headache is a couple of days before I'm due or if I've got a cold. The brain fog is definitely worse when I've got a headache, and I'm pretty sure my non-cold headaches are hormone-related, because of when they occur. I also get really clumsy when I'm due as well (dropping things, walking into door-frames).


Yes completely agree with clumsy! Like no co-ordination at all! I'm actually finding it difficult to type in the correct order right here and now. Ha. It's so odd!

Sorry to hear you're suffering with a cold, but good to know you have some relief with your meds. :)

Thanks for your reply, it's always good to be able to relate to someone else.

All the best sister,

Mel x

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So glad to hear it's not just me who gets clumsy! I imagine it's asking our bodies to do too much at once...think, be painful, tired, walk AND talk!

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Ha that makes sense!

It's like when computers go into sleep mode, it's still technically on but it's not responsive unless you prod it. :)

All the best Urgley!


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I get really bad brain fog, I can be on the phone at work and stop Mid sentence, I have had to just mutter an excuse and hang up! It's horrible and makes me nervous sometimes to speak. It's really embarrassing. I also get clumsy really bad! What we have to get on with 🙁


I totally understand and relate! It's like a vicious cycle as well because I get embarrassed\nervous and then it happens all the more! Sigh!

Maybe we should make badges for ourselves for brain fog days so that our work colleagues just know we aren't firing on all cylinders. Ha.

Thanks Amanda :)


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