Ovulation after laporascopy

Sorry if this is tmi. I had my lap on cd8 and ovulation is normally cd17/18 for me. Yesterday was cd17 and I had loads of cm which was a yellow ish colour instead of being clear. There was just a lot more of it too. Today was the same. I've also been feeling sick (which i get at ovulation and sometimes physically sick), so I'd say I'm ovulating. I'm not using ovulation tests any more as I've found them to say I'm ovulating but a blood test confirms I wasn't.

The thing that confuses me is my cm is yellow. Is this infection or reminants from the lap? I've consulted dr google and i can't find anything similar. Am i meant to wait to heal or can I ttc? I've been told nothing by hospital and had no follow up care at all, so have no knowledge of what I'm meant to do or expect.

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Hi, I've had 2 laps previously and I found they messed my cycle up a bit for a few months afterwards, but every woman is different. The best thing would be to call the hospital and ask if this change in cm is normal. I'd say if the cm is just an off white cloudy colour that's fine. If it's very yellow you should probably get it checked in case there's an infection. If you can't get through to the hospital try the non emergency NHS line.

Have you tried the Ovia app? It's quite helpful for tracking your cycle when you don't want to use ovulation tests. I wasn't getting accurate readings on them either so started tracking cm and other stuff on Ovia instead.

I hope you get the reassurance you need from the hospital soon to put your mind at rest x

Thanks for reply. I've started using the app. I don't really get much cm normally anyway so I may be dehydrated, according to the app so drinking more water wont hurt. Can't go wrong really after 4 failed ivfs and 5th year ttc. x

Just thought I'd let you know that ovulation tests (just the home kit) told me I hadn't ovulated the cycle after my lap. I've never not had a result in them before. But I obviously had, because I found out the next month I was pregnant. I think hormone levels just go a bit weird after all your internal bits and bobs have been messed around with!

Oh and this post hopefully also shows you that it's fine to ttc as soon as you feel ready in yourself.

I think the ovulation sticks are a a waste of money. Used them for years with no joy. I've missed it this month as just not ready to bd and concerned about possible infection so I'll wait for next month and double check with hospital that I'm ok x

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