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Feeling emotional

After going to see my consultant (see my last post) I've been in tears at the doctors this morning as I had to pick up Cerrezete tablets for the new treatment plan which is in my books a complete bloody waste of time. The tablet didn't work before and it won't now. Picked up cocodamol as well. So scared about this pain returning. Am at the point now where I'm literally a phone call away from getting the consultant to put me on the wait list for a full hysterectomy yet I'm too scared to make the call. My heads a mess and feeling very tearful. It's absolutely pants being a woman with endo. I'm normally a strong woman but this journey has been a tough one. So frustrating that I have to quit the one option which worked because of my bone density scan results.

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I have SLE lupus and I thought there could be nothing worse.But then I ended up with stage 3-4 endo and they removed what they could see threw surgery.Then it came back severely.So now I signed the documents to get a full hysterectomy. I'm 33 and I'm scared I had a baby already and I know I do not want another so that is not what scares me .Its everything I have read about the pain reoccurring even though you have everything removed.Ii mean the people who had this and responded to me on another site said I was stupid for having this done and that I will always be in this pain.Really upset me and now Ii don't know all I know is I cannot live with this pain.It is so bad I cannot do normal things like laundry or anything.


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