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first lap

i have my first surgery on monday, and I've not had a period in over a year. i have still had cramps but mild so they dont really bother me. i am on yasmin which has not stopped my bleeding and thats quite painful but not as painful as my periods were. im so afraid that i am crazy or exaggerating and they won't find anything. i've never fainted, sometimes i vomit but i always feel sick. i have bowel symptoms and bladder symptoms where when i pee everything feels tight and achy. i usually bleed 6 days or more fairly heavily, with small clots. i get shooting pains up my vagina and rectum and am always constipated apart from when i am on my period. im so scared, i know something is wrong, im always tired and i get anxious and depressed esp around my period and ovulation hurts like stabbing pains one month is often worse than the other. i get bearable pains in between my periods and often my period comes every 2 and a half weeks or 20 days. i dont know... it doesn't feel normal but im so scared it is ...

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Best of luck with your op. Really hope your recovery is a speedy one.

I pray you find answers to your pain! Nothing is worse than not knowing what's causing it.

Take care. Xx

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thank you xx


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