Tampon difficulty

Hey all

Does anybody else have trouble putting tampons in?

I find that there always feels like an obstruction and they won't go in far enough to wear. It's sometimes quite painful to try force one in because of this.

I've been using them constantly for a month as I haven't stopped bleeding and don't want to have to switch to pads as I find they give me infections.

Has any experienced this and do tampons make endo worse?! X

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  • Don't know if tampons make endo worse but I use a menstrual cup and i stopped getting the cramps I'd get with tampon use.

  • I have heard about the cup but not really sure about it!

    I guess it's worth a try. Thank you so much for replying x

  • I wasn't sure myself but a game changer for me. Didn't have period cramps ever again.

    I'd been told that the chemicals that are used to bleach the fibres can cause cramps.

    Seems to have had a posive effect on me.

  • Thank you so much for the advice. Think I'm going to have a proper look into them. I'd do anything to take this pain!! X

  • I always have trouble putting them in. It's hard to get in and painful, so frustrating.

  • Comforting to know I'm not alone!

    It really is annoying. Constantly bleeding gets you down as it is, just wish at least tampons were simple to deal with it!

    Thanks for replying xx

  • I find them hard but think it's down to my retroverted uterus.

  • Ah I've never heard of that been a cause of it!! I also have a retroverted uterus and never put them together but it's a possibility.

  • I've never been told it's a cause but I've been told that's why I find internal scans/examinations uncomfortable so I put two and two together! For years I just thought I was incompetent at using tampons!

    I only had mild endometrial spots which have been removed so I can't imagine that endo is the cause.

  • Never been able to use tampons due to severe endo. I do wonder if you should be using them for such a long time in one go. Maybe take advice?

  • I'm going to speak to a doctor about it. It's because I recently had the coil fitted so I think it's still settling in and I really hate using pads.

  • I have switched to natural tampons with no chemicals on advise from someone else with endo, was a bit sceptical at first but I have found my endo pain has been much better since. There are a few articles on line about the chemicals in normal tampons and if you are needing to use them for so long it might be worth trying natural ones, or the cup as someone else suggested. You can get natural pads too which might not cause an infection xxx

  • Ooo that's interesting. I've never heard of them tampons. What brand are they?

    I'm willing to give anything a try. It's a nightmare. Thanks so much for responding cxx

  • These are the ones I use amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B004L4...

    They are more expensive than normal ones so that might not be good if you are needing to use them for a month at a time, the cup thing may be worth a try too. Hope you find something that helps you xxx

  • Im very rarely able to use a tampon. It just feels so uncomfortable and painful. I wear giant pads as I bleed at least 20 days a month. I don't like pads either but at least they don't hurt.

  • I really feel for you. It's so frustrating, as if bleeding isn't bad enough it has to be made more difficult but pain with tampons. Argh it's never ending!cx

  • I moved to natra care organic range which helped my IC a surprising amount and i now rarely have flare ups. They do a tampon but if it's that heavy and it's having a tampon inside at all that is causing the discomfort then you might be better with a cup or super pads. Have you tried the coil? It stopped my periods altogether but doesn't work for everyone.

  • I had the coil fitted last month. I'm hoping it settles down soon as it's so annoying. :(

    I'm going to look into natural/organic tampons and pads. Thanks so much for the advice x

  • I found them quite difficult as my endo progressed, though I had to use them when the bleeding was super super heavy because I would have horrible accidents with only a towel and at least a tampon + towel would buy me enough time to get to the bathroom.

    I have also tried a mooncup and personally found it to be a nightmare - if you have very heavy bleeding and clots then they overflow and they are difficult to use out and about because they are messy if you need to empty one in a public loo. I also found it just as uncomfortable as a tampon.

  • Feels like a never ending battle with no happy solution!

    I think I'm going to have to resort back to pads which isn't ideal.

    Thanks so much for responding Hope you are doing okay :) xxx

  • I use Precious Star pads and love them! The idea seems weird at first to use reusable pads, but the comfort is phenomenal. That could be your solution. Check it out on YouTube, Facebook, and at the site preciousstars.net/

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