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Debilitating Bowl Pain


I had mt laporoscopy in January and they burnt off the endermetriosis on both of my ovaries as well as on the back of my cervix.

One of my most painful symptoms has always been the excruciating bowl pains and constipation during my period. The pain sometimes leaves me bed ridden until it passes or I find it almost impossible to walk of it hits whilst I'm out of the house.

Post operation and I still have this pain but have been limited to 4 periods a year (I'm on the mercilon birth control pill)

Do any of you suffer from this pain and what do you do to help it or what has your doctor said?

My Gyno said she won't go near operating on the bowl because it can often have worse side effects for the patient

Many thanks xxxx

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I went to the doctor complaining of pain in my stomach area, particularly after eating, but it was more so when I was on my period. After poking my stomach and a 5 minute appointment he diagnosed it as stomach ulcers and that was that. But i've since been back complaining of all these symptoms together and now they're looking into endometriosis.


Is your gynae on the BSGE.org/clinic list? If not then she shouldn't have dealt with anything on the bowel and should have referred you to one of these specialists.


She just said that she suspects endermetriosis on the bowel but she won't refer me to the specialist because often that surgery leaves you with more side effects than before, and really seriously ill if some of the fluid from the bowel leaks into your body during surgery.

I might go back to my gp and ask them if I could have an ultrasound again or something


She is not qualified to make that decision, it would be like your GP saying you might have a brain tumour but he's not going to refer you to a brain surgeon because the surgery is risky.

I had lots of endo removed from my bowel, no serious complications and in far better health now. If it had been left longer it would have been a different matter as the endo would have grown more into the bowel.

Check that list (the text list is below the map), find the NHS one nearest (easiest to get to) and go to your GP and insist on being referred to them. It is NHS policy that if endo is suspected on the bowel you must be treated by one of these specialists. Your GP can not refuse a referral, do not waste time by going back to the gynae as it is your GP you makes the referral, consultants do not refer to other consultants.


Hmm burning off not heard good things about really I'm sorry to say. You could consider gonadotropin agonists which stop your periods for 6 months like temporary menopause. But u take a bit of hrt with it. Worked wonders for me. Sadly the nhs didn't want to pay for if anymore so offered me a hysterectomy. I had terrible pain after for months. And you know for me it was the codeine, tramadol, morphine that was aggravating it the bowel pain. I'm not saying it's your situation but just something to consider and pls go back to your gyne preferably a bsge one even if in another area you are allowed to do this or have some private consultation with experts. The price of a consultation can be fairly reasonable 120£ or so and often can shove along your gyne in the right direction or make your options more clear. I know they hate bowel op for some reason but less strain on bowel the better lactulose is good and can get over counter it's a stool softener I did take 2 per day but just 1 now. I swear I had a total bowel obstruction at one point. It may be all they can do is limit the estrogen that aggrivates the endo if on the bowel by gonadotropin agonists, ovary removal or hysterectomy with ovary removal. I have heard they can shave off the endo from bowel or resection Removing the affected part but wouldn't trust someone who is still using laser to do it exision is the only way or hormone suppression. Life's good ya know on hrt I take tibolone post hysterectomy and everything working just fine even better actually. Good look get searching for hospitals get referred don't give up. Contact me anytime big big hugs 🤗 xxxxx


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