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Stress pain

Good evening/night ladies,

I'm laid awake thinking about something my sister in law said she'd researched earlier. It was pain in pelvic region related to stress and anxiety. I'm currently being treated for anxiety and have been in the past, and I'm just wondering if anyone else knows anything about this or has this or been told even what this is called? I'm curious as on my 2nd lap was told they couldn't see anything but the pain is bad still.

Any advice/knowledge would be great!

Thank you :-) X

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I first noticed my symptoms after going through a very stressful patch. Anytime I'd become stressed or worried about something the pain would be at it's worst. I've quite recently had a lap and a small amount of endo removed, so just waiting to see if it's still as bad as it was. Im quite certain that stress is what caused an initial flare up in me, before then, the only endo symptoms I had was painful and heavy periods. The pelvic pain began after being stressed.


Thank you Ameliamary89. That sounds very similar to me actually

on my first lap they found a small amount of endo and removed it the 2nd there was nothing, but the pain is as bad. I've also been having spotting and I have the Mariana coil, which has been in for over 2 years and seems weird just would start now. But I've been

really bad lately with anxiety.

I'm now starting to wonder if there's more too it. X


I don't have any knowledge nor have I been told anything by my consultants.

But I believe that my pain is worse when I am stressed out. Or I can have no pain for a while, and then if I am going through anything stressful my pain will suddenly return.

I think there is a link between stress and pain. Following the post to see others opinions x


That's what I'm wondering too, I know anxiety is mental health related and I'm wondering if there could be something physiological about the pain, and possibly the more Stress we feel our brains associate this with the pain we've felt previously. And pain is stressful, so wether it's linked a hardwire In the brain to associate them both with each other. Or if there is a link between endometriosis and stress, and whether women prone to stress and anxiety are more at risk ? I have no proper answers just trying to work out why I have so much pain.

I'm also wondering if the case could be psychological if it has any links to sex. I have severe pain during sex, even just upon entering, even slightly during sex,(maybe to graphic, but you all know what I mean) and if there was no more endo found i don't know why this would be. There are no infections ect. Could this be a trauma related ? Not sure?

Sorry so many questions!



Since I first started suffering from endo/fibroids/cysts, I've also had this pelvic pain manifested by anxiety issue.

I have to remind my elderly mother (who has memory issues and depression) that her anxiety transfers directly to my pelvic region, and to try to please be more considerate regarding dumping on me all of the time! My brother and I are her primary caregivers (sigh).

Work deadlines are also a huge trigger.

I have been going on and off to a pelvic floor physical therapist who is very familiar with this. She's the one who first understood, and told me I wasn't crazy (thank you!). I'd recommend going to one - if you can find someone who is really knowledgeable.

Yoga has also been a help to me. There's a DVD available by physical therapist Dustienne Miller which I've been using in my exercise and wellness routine.

Treat yourself well, and good luck!

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There's definitely a link. The muscles and brain have pain memory receptors and they are fired up during stress. I've suffered with anxiety and Endo all my life and have read a lot about this issue. I found that when I have bad bouts of pain, my anxiety is ramped up. It's really draining sometimes. It also takes the body a while to get back to normal. I wish there was a cure for this frustrating disease because it does strip away at your quality of life.

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it really does. it strips everything. I am a completely different person since this. 6 years of pain has taken my confidence, my sanity, my sex life, my figure and spirit. I'm constantly tired, I wake up tired. I snap easily. I question everything I do and have noticed how often people actually try and lift me by saying something nice and I just cant see it. I feel pitied even if someone has no idea the pain I'm in, and I'm not one to be pitied. I want to be normal. so any bit of advice that people have makes me feel more hopeful. And for once makes me feel less alone. I'm very interested in this mental health part of endo and want to find out as much as I can to find a way to get better. if it ever works for one of us maybe it can work for more!!!!!

thank you


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I also had endo recently removed but. Find I always get a stressed stomach if I worry about things I don't know if it's the endo but it's not something I used to suffer with prior to endo.

I def think stress and anxiety makes the problem worse !!


I find that too, but then I can't fully remember not having endo!

Has anyone ever had a doctor tell them its linked? Or found that any meds for Anxiety make it any better?

thank you all for your replies, I love getting different perspectives on this!



Hi , I just read your comments and am sorry to hear of all your troubles in this area. I agree stress and pain can go hand in hand. Nights can be worst.

I wanted to post here as I remember being told recently by Gynea that endo can be microscopic and the extent of it does not always reflect the pain it can cause. I was recently diagnosed by same Gynea with Adenomyosis as well as the endo, which is similar and I was told that small or microscopic areas can be very, very sore.You write it is a second lap? If you have had confirmed endo in past, I hope you are receiving ongoing care from someone for this issue. Whether it can still be seen in a lap or had been removed, I understand it can still be causing pain issues or feeding into it.

I swear by heat pads and a tens machine to relieve tension in pelvic & back area. There is hormonal treatment, pain management etc. If your doctor is treating you for anxiety seperately there might be medications that can help with both anxiety and pain issues. These are the older tricyclics (endep?) or SNIRs (cymbal ta?). I did not end up using either from the side effects and not wanting to be on extra medications. I am not a doctor but have read of these working for some women. Medication can make you feel like a guini pig but can also be of use. My best treatment for endo so far has been a combined pill called qlaira, the days break off it is hell. I have been on the break this week and it is a comfort to read of other's ways to deal with the stress and pain this awful disease brings to our lives.

I hope this helps. Good luck 😄💐


Thank you Maryanne22 for your reply.

I've gone through many different emotions since my 2nd Lap as I was told I look completely normal! where as the first time I had endo removed but they just kept teling me that it was only a little bit so I didnt really have it!

I have a Marina Coil but no other on going treatment for endo. I have honestly completely given up with trying to get it sorted. it sounds dramatic and defetist but I honestly cant be bothered to go to the DR's any more. And it's not they are particularly bad I just can't stand going over it again.

I've brought a tens machine yesterday but have yet to use it. are you meant to use it every day to lessen the pain daily or only when you have pain? I am in pain daily, and then more so when I have on. since my 2nd Lap I seem to have more pain to and its getting really bad again but I just feel like no one will believe me if I go back as my last lap was only at xmas time and it was "clear".



Hi I was sorry to hear that reply. It does not sound defeatist, it sounds like you need some better medical care than you have recieved.

I can relate to being fed up with doctors. I have been lucky, I have a long term lady GP that works with me. But I am wary of new specialists in the regional area I live in based on past experience and having to fight to stay functional.

As someone that has lived with chronic pain for a long time, I can only say it helps to have times without pain. To get a few days/ nights continious pain that would drive anyone to anxiety.

The tens seems to make me feel better after I have used it, I find I have to move it around to get right place to get relief from nerve type pain afterwards. The heat pad at same time also helps me get to sleep afterwards.

Whoever was telling you that you didn't really have endo as they only saw a little bit sounds like they don't understand endometriosis or were being unhelpful. I have the stage 3 diagnosed but have learned that these days they don't always remove it as they understand the pain causing endo might be a very small and spread in muscle or on a nerve anywhere.

The med I was trying to remember was Amytriptyline (endep/elavil) , very low dose 10mg. I read somewhere that is a treatment for pelvic pain too and it worked okay for me and helped with sleep and night pain but gave me sugar cravings so I stopped. Am thinking to give it another go now and just ignore the sweet cravings.

I hope you can get some pain relief too and pain free time soon. Good luck Bye


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