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Questions about my recent lap


I had a laproscopy on Friday. They removed the endo but also found that my bowel has adhered to the lining of my abdomen. Due to this I have got to go back in for another op to part them. 

Has this affected anyone else?

Also I have had terrible lower back and sciatica pain for the last 4-5 weeks. I am unable to lay in bed for more than 2 hours as the pain in unbearable plus it takes all of my strength to get my body up and moving. 

They have said that my endo is not connected to this, so I will need to be referred to the spinal clinic. 

Any one with similar symptoms? Or advice? 

Thank you. xox 

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Are you bring seen at a bsge centre by a endo specialist?? If not you need to be referred, endo can affect you sciatic nerve, good luck


What's a bsge centre? I am being seen by a gyny at our local nhs hospital. 

They'd said that my endo wasn't near it, so wouldn't be the cause. 

Thank you for your reply. 


I have had similar problems as the endo cells had attached the back of the vagina wall to my rectum so the pain in my bum and back was terrible.

I think go with your instincts in regards to the spinal pain as you might be in pain because you have been tensed from the endo pain causing your back to spasm. I have terrible back pain at the moment which I have never suffered from before the endo pain started to kick in so I think my pain is personally related. But like I say whether it's because the endo has travelled up there or whether it's just because of the pain that's causing the tension that has yet to be revealed. I am currently on a morphine patch as the pain has become too intense for the pain killers to work however the morphine isn't even touching the pain. I still go to work but found not sleeping hard so the morphine definitely has helped that. 

I hope you find an answer about your back soon. 

I have ordered a pain pod which I am waiting to be delivered it works like a tens machine and if it takes any of this endo and back pain away I will be shouting it from the roof tops so I will let you know if it works. 


Hi a BSGE centre are specialised in endo. General gynaecologists tend to miss endo and don't always recognise all presentations of the desease.  Tboag is right the endo can have an effect on nerves so the pain could be due to that or something else, so it's worth pursuing both. Good luck.


Thank you for the replies. 

I'm hoping I can at least be prescribed something so I can sleep and function easier in the meantime. 

It's only a few days after my lap, so I'm currently on codeine and paracetamol. The sciatica and op pain have got a lot worse today though. 

I also have not opened my bowels since the op. 

Weeing is also uncomfortable. 

Is this normal? 

Sorry for so many questions. xox 


Hi, I get awful back pain. My endo originally caused adhesions including sticking my bowel to my uterus. I had to go back for another op following my lap. As other posters have said make sure you are at a BSGE centre. 

I get sciatic pain. I have had mine investigated, an MRI found significant degeneration in my lower back. However, according to my physio you can have this and have no pain.

I think mine is related to my endo as it tends to worsen towards my period. And I am waiting for further surgery. I use a tens machine which helps as well as painkillers/heat etc.  



Thank you. 

How do I find out about a BSGE centre? 



Hi where are you in the uk?


King's Lynn, Norfolk. 


Hi Hun there is a specialist centre at the Norfolk & Norwich university hospital. So ask GP for referral to them. Good luck


Hi, Lotsi

I have stage 4 Endo and just had my 3rd surgery i was  diagnosed at the age of 18 since then I have nothing but lower back/hip pain I explained it to my specialist and how I was  describing my  unbearable pain to her she said that I was basically describing back labor. I so know how you feel I have found that a heating pad is my best friend and that if you take a tennis ball and roll it back and forth applying a lot of pressure feels amazing my fiancé does this for me when I start and oh my gosh does it feel so good and to you get a message out of it to😊👍 my  specialist  recommended  to me to try a gluten free diet gluten causes more  inflammation causing Endo  to  flare up more don't know if it helps starting diet today. Hope this helps you too


Thank you so much for the info. 

Norwich is an hour away from us and we have 3 children, so would make appointments very difficult. 

I think addressing my diet is a really good next step to take. 

I just need to get through this recuperating part as my appetite is very low. 

Thank you again. xox 


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