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Coil removal and pain

Hello, I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my stomach and had my laparoscopy February 2016. Recently I have had a lot of pain and swelling of my stomach, as well as urinating a lot, extreme tiredness and feeling sick on and off. I feel like I did before my operation. Because of the swelling I don't want to leave the house often and have been missing work. I am trying to get help from the doctors, though they keep dismissing me again, and today cancelled my blood tests which would help my referral to the hospital. I have also asked for the coil to be removed which was inserted during surgery. As I've had problems with it through the year it's been in, and wanted to ilimate this from my problems. However they keep putting off doing this until I get reffered to the hospital, which doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon now. So I was wondering what I should do now about work and univeristy, getting the coil removed and progressing getting help to manage this, and how to go about getting treatment from GP and hospital. As it is getting out of hand and is very hard to progress and leave the house.

Thank you

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