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Shoulder pain 2 weeks after ovarian cyst removal

Hello everyone! I had a laparoscopic surgery about 2 1/2 weeks ago to remove a dermoid cyst. The infamous shoulder/diaphragm pain hit me the day after surgery but only lasted for a day or two and then it was gone. But for the last few days I have had the same pain in my neck and shoulders. Could it have come back?

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Unsure if it could come back though could be gases in stomach still? Try peppermint tea or peppermint water from pharmacy I was given the peppermint water whilst hospital and it was great and my mum bought peppermint tea for when I came home xxxx


Try chines acupuncture and immitec More women capsules. I think it is a little bit stonger that peppermint tea ( :

I have also problem with my shoulder. / :

This capsules bring me back to more life. Acupuncture I now also can help. It is quite expensive but worth it.

Discription about the capsules. Google it an buy it online. (immitec More women capsules)

It is a Research knowledge from Norway ( :

We are inundated daily by anthropogenic oestrogens and other oestrogen-like compounds. This can have dramatic consequences on women’s physical, mental and sexual functions, potentially robbing them of their femininity, good health and feeling of overall wellbeing. Oestrogen and xenoestrogens are found everywhere in the environment, as well as in food and beverages, plastics, cosmetics, detergents, plasticizers, waste components of the cotraceptive pill and other hormone medications such as HRT, drinking water, pesticides, hormones and endocrine disruptors, plant oestrogens etc., etc. MORE WOMAN from Immitec is a simple and safe product that can help to stabilise oestrogen levels and restore femininity and general wellbeing.

Be proactiv is my advice.



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