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Merina Coil in a 14 year old

Hi , I am just trying to research if anyone has a teenage daughter that has had the coil fitted?

My daughter will be 15 in January and after nearly 2 years of problems ( this year she has only not bled for 7 weeks out of the whole year !), they have offered her the merina coil.

we have obviously tried everything else pill wise and she really wants to have it as she has had enough :(.

has anyone any advice if their teen has had this done as she is still a child and this is usually given to women who are sexually active or have children and she is neither.

I really would appreciate your advice , thank you.

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I can't give any advice as I was 20 when I had my mirena coil fitted. All I can say it, as she is not sexually active and obviously not had any children, the procedure will probably be very painful, as it passes your cervix, which in non child-bearing women is still very tight.

If she has the option to be sedated for it, I would recommend it!

It will probably also break her hymen and cause bleeding so be prepared for that. After it's in, she will have lots of cramps, so keep a hot water bottle and let her rest for a few days.

Also, within the next month there is a chance that the coil can expel itself, so severe cramps may indicate this so watch out for that!


Thank you for your reply Lausa , these are my fears exactly . The pain after and if it expels itself :(.

They are going to sedate her though , that is one thing. We have an appointment for the procedure on the 8th Dec but have one last Gynie app first.

I don't think there is any other option at the moment. Thank you for your advice. x


It's nice to here my 15 year old daughter isn't the only one going through this at a young age . She has had it for 2 years .I hope it works for her as don't think my daughter would have it done . We are going for second opinion at kings collage to c if they can do more . Good luck xx


Its awful for them Kelsey1234, please let me know how you get on . I think the Drs sometimes do not understand that we are not exaggerating when we tell them how bad they have it !

I really hope this works for her , and I hope your daughter gets sorted soon x


Oh poor you both! I have a 14 yr old (15 in January ) who has been suffering for a year now. It's so tough, especially in these gcse years! My daughter has only been in school for 16 of the 48 days of term this year and these are just a morning or an afternoon here or there. She's had a laparoscopy and Endo removed, but just had an MRI which shows adenomyosis. I was going to ask the gynae re the mirena coil as he did mention it before the lap, but did say it would be better done whilst she was under the general as it would be unpleasant for a youngster who is not sexually active. Do you find it impossible being as they are not adults and have to keep being referred to paediatrics? We were referred for pain management in early October as an urgent case only to be told on Friday (a month later) that adult pain management can't see her and she has been reffered back to paediatrics where their next clinic is 17th December!

If she does have the mirena fitted please post an update, I know everyone is different, but it did feel like we were the only ones of this age, not that it make it better, but maybe we are less unusual than the health professionals seem to imply.

Good luck and wishing your daughter less pain x


Ohhh I feel for your girl also !!! Thank you for your reply , I was beginning to panic that at 14 it was totally unheard of !!!

Yes I have found it really frustrating as when admitted ( several times) to paediatric ward , they cant do anything because she is under gynie, but too young to stay on gynie to be seen.

This year my daughter has only NOT bled for 7 weeks , it has been shocking as for the first 2 years she had no problems ( she started at 11 years).

We are both very scared of having the Mirena fitted but how can it be any worse than what she is going through now? she will be asleep for the procedure and I will certainly let you know how things are.

I too hope your daughter gets sorted soon and if this helps , you will be the first to know.

Take Care and thank you for your reply. x

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Good luck xx


We was told that about pain clinic to makes me cross as there body's are going through a woman's problem . My daughter on amertriplin with makes her sleep at night . Keep fighting my gp has been good and we trying gapapentin now so I'm hoping this help with pain my daughter only doing 2/3 days a week and she has gcse next year so it a struggle. Hope your daughter gets help soon . X


Although my daughter does suffer with severe pain , our main issue is the length of her periods. This time her period is 15 weeks long and still ongoing.

Tranexamic Acid and Northesterine had no effect at all. Obviously this is draining for her and she has become lethargic and tired.

she cannot enjoy her dance and gym and this is just ruling her life... I am praying the coil is the answer .

By the way , she cannot have the pill because of migraines , if she didn't I am sure that would have solved the problem :(.

Let me know how you get on x


Sorry to hear your daughter is so ill. I too had endo and probs from when I started my periods at 11. I remember my dad having to collect me from primary school because I was doubled up in pain, little did I know that was the start! I know u said u have tried various pills but have tried taking them constantly? I tried this and although I got occassional breakthrough bleeding it was nothing in comparison to the pain and bleeding I got when it came to the break in my pill.


Hi hun ....she can only take one type for 4 days at a time at the start of each period and the others she has been on for months and months. She was taking 11 pills a day at one point , it was ridiculous.

the cerazete she was taking 2 a day of with no break and still bled...!!

we are just hoping the coil will begin to regulate her or I dont know what is next.

I hope you are much better now and thank you for your reply and advice x


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