Is Nausea a general symptom of Endo (even if no Endo in digestive system etc)?

Hi, hope everyone is doing ok. Just a quick general question - is nausea a general symptom of endo, or is that only if there is endo in intestines etc? I'm not on Pill or any other medication (when I googled, everyone seems to mention the nausea being a side effect of the Pill etc). Since my endo symptoms have been worse (just over a year), the nausea has been coming and going. Thanks for any replies, Sara xx

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Hi nausea is just horrible. I get it too and seems to be very common in endo sufferers. It comes from estrogen when it is high. What happens is endo produces it's own supply of estrogen making this hormone more dominant and therefore one knock on effect can be sickness. It's just a vicious circle this endo, it causes just too many different types of symptoms. Every single one of them making life miserable for us x

Yeah I see what you mean .. I forgot to mention I was on a pill that stops your periods, I came off it about two months ago and was on it for about 8-10 months prior. Since coming off that pill my body is trying to adjust and I find that I'm having that sickness feeling you get wen your pregnant. So I'm going to make sure I'm not pregnant first and wait for my period to come.

I have the Mirena Coil to keep my endo in check, but I believe that the associated ovarian cysts bring on my nausea when they flare up. generally, I think that any kind of hormonal fluctuations can bring on nausea, just like in pregnancy.

oh i suffered terribly with this feeling ,so bad that doc gave me anti sickness tablets to get through the day x

Thanks ladies! Just another one of endo's symptoms - not fair!!!!!! I have Stemetil from the doc for nausea but it seems to have stopped working - will have to go back again to change it to another. Thanks again! Sara xx.

I get that every now and again and sometimes it's so bad I have to double check that I'm not pregnant. I am not on the pill and haven't been for a while now in fact over 2 years and I'm stage 1 endo they say it's mild but it causes me great pain and I'm going for a pelvic scan on Tuesday so that I can get a date for my laparoscopy.

Try eating dry toast n make sure your drinking plenty of water cut out on caffeine and sugar and ginger is really good to aswell as pepper mint.

Make sure your not pregnant and speak to your doctor if all else fails.

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