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life with endometriosis & Mirena coil

Hi everyone,

Just wondering how long it took for others to notice improvements in regards to "endo pain" after having the Mirena coil fitted?

I've only had it nearly 2 weeks and I don't expect for it to work over night. I know all of its side effects and I'm spotty, psycho and emotional already😂 So it's nice that the side effects have kicked on quickly but I am still really struggling with what I call endo pain, 1 week before I am due a period I get crippling pains, teamed with me having cramps the last week since having my coil fitted. Safe to say I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Would be really nice to hear from ladies who this has worked for and to give me something to look forward to!

Thanks in advance😊

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I have the Mirena at the moment and I do think it may have helped slightly with pain but I am having it removed later this month due to side effects which I can no longer cope with after 8 months.

The thing that I feel has helped me more is following the endo diet and supplementing with Omega 3. I do feel that I've had more benefit from these changes than I have from the coil, but everyone is different. With the coil I was asked to give it 6 months to settle so it's worth trying it for at least that long to see how you go with it xx


Thank you for your feedback, sorry for the delay!

Yes 6 months is the bench mark and hopefully by then I will notice some improvements (fingers crossed)

I have read a few articles in regards to changes with your diet, but what one says another differs, in lamens terms what have you changed?

I have been out today and bought an array of vitamins including omega 3 as I have also read these made help!

I have suffered before and now even worse with bloating (before coil and now) I look 6 months pregnant, non of my clothes fit me, I am naturally slim so it is very noticeable I've actually been asked if I'm pregnant :( I nearly cried!

I don't suppose you know anything I could take or change to help this?

Thanks in advance x


Give it at least six months to do it's stuff. If you find you're not getting relief after a couple of months talk to your specialist/gp about it.

I'm on my third Mirena and it's fab, you just need to get over the first six months to see what level of benefit you'll achieve.

I eased my pain by stopping the use of tampons and switching to a mentrual cup. Gamechanger.

DM me or check back on my othet posts where I mention it.

Also agree about fish oils. Just bear in mind fish oils thin the blood so your flow may be less clots and more liquid. Also take a good quality fish oil like Lambert's not a high street or own brand one.

Good luck x


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