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Confused after lap surgery

I had a lap one week ago. I was told my lower back pain, heavy frequent periods and bloating were most likely due to endo after an exam at the hospital. They told me the wait for surgery was about 8 weeks, but I couldn't wait and booked me for surgery 7 days later. My head was in a spin...

I had an ovarian tumour (benign) removed 5 years ago when my ovary twisted and began to rupture. Since that surgery I had horrible pain in my ovaries, especially the right one where the tumour had been. The right incision hurt constantly, the tissue seemed 'fused' and exercise or my priod caused it to spasm and have a stabbing pain. I was told the only way to fix it was another lap. I had a breast tumour (benign) removed last year and have been having all kinds of swelling/ fluid/pain issues with it, and so was waiting on the 'repair' lap.

I expected them to talk about my 'repair'- honestly didn't see a 'new issue' coming...After my surgery the dr said they removed alot of adhesions, part of a ligament to test and biopsy of tissue. They said I'd get results from my dr- sent in the post- my dr still has no report. I'm nervous because they didn't say it looked like fibroids or endo or...Is this usual? The more time that passes- the more nervous I feel.

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I wasn't told anything post surgery. I also had to wait for a full update. I even had an extra incision they didn't tell me about!!!! Keep hounding your GP , will help put your mind at rest xx 😘 ( I made an appointment to see the practise nurse to check my wounds and she read me the whole of the surgeons notes that were sent to my GP!)


The adhesions may well be endometriosis tissue, some of which has possibly developed on the sites of the scars from your previous op: this happens with Endo. It's possible that Endo had developed on the ovary op. site, and has been causing the pain since. However, they are being cautious and checking all their findings, which is good. The ligament may well have endo on it - it is also one of the sites endo can colonise. As SallyE says, keep hounding your GP, and try the 'nurse / wound check' approach, meanwhile.

it would be a good idea if you talk to the trained advisors at 'Endo UK' : the Charity who host this site. There is a link to their website at the top of this page, where you will find contact info for phone or email. There is also loads of info about Endo on the site, and it might also be good to read around on there - and on here - as much as possible: also look at posts on here by 'Lindle' , and check around for other Endo Sites eg on Fcbk. It is worth becoming really, really clued-up about Endo, as many GPs - and even general gynaes - do not know as much as they should. For example, were you treated in an ordinary hospital, by a general gynae? If it is endo, and if it is in certain forms (there are different types and only Endo specialists are best at recognising and removing all the types), and if the ligament fragment was from the ligament that holds the uterus in place, then it may be that you should be treated in a BSGE Centre - or a specialist Endo Centre - from now on. GPs should know about these, and should refer you if the endo is such that it needs specialist attention. 'Endo Uk' has info about BSGE Centres.

Try to learn as much as you can about Endo, as - sadly - it is one of those conditions where we have to learn to be our own best advisors.

However, try not to worry, as the Docs are following the right procedures and it sounds as if they are aware that there may be more that needs doing - but it does need to be done by the best people. The tests don't necessarily mean that they suspect anything alarming, they are just ruling all possible things out.

Take care, and try to have some fun, and de-stress as much as possible.


To add to the other replies they could well be testing the tissue for endometriosis sometimes it is the only way General gynaes know for sure. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but keeping asking GP. I expect if it were a worry to the surgeons they would have been in touch with you directly by now.

Adhesions are really common for endo sufferers following any surgery. I've had two laps- one last Tuesday - to remove adhesions since my hysterectomy and they cause a lot of pain. Scar tissue too is more common for endo sufferers and again can make things stick and cause pain.

Rest up and I hope you get answers soon.


Thank you for the replies- it helps to know I'm not alone. I was operated on by an Endo specialist and was through the 'Endo clinic' at a women's hospital. I suppose that's made me more nervous- that they are the 'specialists' but not saying anything. I have been reading alot about Endo- and honestly I feel terrified right now.


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