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When to start taking pain killers?


My consultant has replaced my Mefenamic Acid with Diclofenac instead, and said to start taking it a 'few days' before the pain starts. How many days ahead do you find helps?

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I don't like taking painkillers too much so I aim for 1-2 just to help reduce prostaglandin levels

Thank you. It's so many things to think about with various body chemistry. :-S

I'm trying for the first time to do the same as you - a few days before (as doc suggested) I'm not on the same ones though. I've taken mine 2 days before, and it has helped take the edge off my period pain, but I still feel exhausted, dizzy and like there's still something not quite right; well whatever's producing the pain is still there the painkillers just stop those signals getting far.

I'm not sure I like the idea of taking painkillers before when there's no pain as it feels strange but if it helps to block the pain early then it seems like a good idea :)

It is odd isn't it? I'm sorry you still feel rubbish. That was my problem with Mef Acid, along with bad stomach upsets.

I think you're right. I did just find this article (Hopefully I'm allowed to post links) endometriosis.org/treatment... . Basically sounds like painkillers are no good if the nasties that contribute to the pain are already there - kind of like trying to close the barn door when the horse has already bolted! (I think...)

yeah pretty much that idea. I get what you mean anyway!

I'm trying out over the counter first; 1g paracetamol and 800mg ibuprofen 4 times a day for four days, then I'll go to the docs if it doesn't work / doesn't agree with me; work needs to see me doing something even though I don't agree with just popping pills. I get a bad stomach with ibuprofen though :(

I'm worried about long term liver damage from taking so many painkillers, as some affect it more than others, and docs don't seem bothered about that: I was told a while back I had an enlarged liver (blood tests and ultrasound) due to paracetamol. So I don't know if I'm supposed to get that checked again.

How are you feeling these days?

That sounds like a lot of medication. Was that a doctor's recommendation? If so, do you think it might be worth double-checking with them about the paracetamol and liver thing? Could be helpful to avoid accidental issues.

Personally, I'm just really tired .all.the.time! After my first meeting with a consultant last month I am waiting on a laparoscopy to get formally diagnosed. At 38, I've only just started getting very bad pain and I feel like I'm on the right track with getting care... but it takes so long! I'm also about to finish a fixed-term contract so I am worried/stressed/panicking about having to work a new job with a chronic pain condition.

How about you?

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