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Ladies who have been diagnosed with adenomyosis what treatment are you on? I've had excision surgery by a specialist at a BSGE centre in January. Since then I've been in so much pain, I think from my uterus, which the surgeon said they could see it embedded into it. I'm at a loss I can barely do anything without ending up in so much pain that tramadol, naproxen, oramorph, gabapentin and paracetamol all combined do not touch. I'm on the pill rigevidon and wondering if something else would be more helpful, I can't have a hysterectomy as I'm yet to have children

Any advice would be really appreciated 🙂 xx

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I am sorry to hear that you still have pain! I am about to have excision surgery done soon and I have been afraid that the surgery may not do any good for me. What did your surgeon do exactly that made your condition worse? Which state do you live in? I heard that medical cannabis works on reducing pain.

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I am sorry to hear you are in pain :( I have been diagnosed with adenomyosis after laparoscopy and MRI in Oct 2013. The only thing that works for my pain is Ibuprofen. Any other pain killer doesn't really do to much.

What kind of pain do you have? Is it related to menstruation or ovulation? Or, do you have pain at other times of the month? I didn't have a hysterectomy yet either because I would still like to try to have a child... but not to much luck with this disease.


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