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Is this normal?

Hi all I'm awaiting date for laparoscopy for suspected endo, have had internal scan and pre op etc. I've chased the hospital for a date and apparently I've gotta wait till June! Little disheartened but hey-ho.

My question is the pain has seemed to have spread to the other side as well now and am currently laid up on my sofa with a hot water bottle! When I do more, like at the moment I'm in he process of helping a friend move house, I find that I bleed and then the next day nothing is it connected at all and should I let my doctor/ consultant know?? Thanks ladies x

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Sorry you're in pain. Bleeding inbetween periods should be checked out with your GP, don't wait until June to see your consultant. Also in the mean time you could ring your consultants secretary and if possible for let them know you're available at short notice if anyone cancels. Wish you well


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