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Pelvic pain


Just wanted some advice really I have ibs c but I was thought to have endometriosis too so had a laparoscopy back in November last year (at a specialist centre )and nothing was found and I really don't know what to do . I'm in daily pain and I have a break of maybe a week when the pain reduces but then it comes back along with constipation and fatigue the pain is lower back and both hips which goes down my legs it feels like a cramping also the pain is always worse on a small area on my left side by the public bone.I have been told it is nerve pain and I'm going to a pain clinic next week I see this as my only option now as all departments in the nhs say this is my last option.Any advice would be really wellcome.

Thanks treez

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I also have ibs butt (my cycles had gone totally irregular now) i eat healthy anyway due to ibs and careful what i eat... I have been keeping on track on my cycles for 2 years and was hoping it would return back to normal but no that's not happening... i had all tests done and all clear thankfully but (i'm total lost on why it's doing this to me) so looks like another visit to the drs.... *i do take painkillers* for the ongoing pains that i have to suffer every month and that does do the trick.....

Low moods

Constant tiredness (not due to ibs)...

Pains from the lower back and down the legs (never had this before) :(

I was wondering if that is a list of endo myself..... I could be wrong



Thanks for your reply I know endometriosis is often mistaken for ibs as they didn't find any during my laparoscopy I've also been given the all clear it's just frustrating that the doctor blames everything on ibs.

All the best treez


Hmm well if it's IBS

You would get

mucus in stools if that's what u get


Yes I know a lot of the symptoms don't sound like ibs to me I've heard quite a few people on this site saying don't let the doctor put on your notes that it's ibs as they won't follow anything else up at least I know that it's nothing life threatening just awful to live with 😦


It's not that bad once you know what to eat and not eat and once you get the hang of it it's okay altho it's annoying as hell. Yesterday i meant to go out and turned out to be ill for the morning as i had stabbing pains on my left side..... So i decided to stay in and just took it easy... No point me taking pain killers as that won't work or make it better so i just gotta suffer in silent until it ease itself.... :(

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