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Does anyone else feel the same?


I've had endometriosis since i was 15, am now 36 years old. I struggle sometimes, because as well as the pain and symptoms (i've had 5 laparoscopies) i feel as if i've missed out on so much eg i haven't got a husband/boyfriend because at School/Uni and work thereafter (where a lot of people meet their future partners) i was so ill and in so much pain and/or tired i feel i couldn't socialise.

It really has affected my life to a degree that i'm feeling very sad. Does anyone else feel that they have missed out on things like this or feel this way?

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Hello, I can completely relate to this. This ugly disease has made me bitter and affected almost every single aspect of my life. I sometimes feel 'you've got it, get on with it, there are people who have it worse in life' but then other times I feel so down and upset by it all.


Sometimes it feels like that but you have to chin up and make the best of it because it is what it is.

Think positive thoughts and no pain is strong enough to grab your time unless you let it...there is always an alternative on whatever you think you've missed out on.

As for husband/boyfriend,he would find you anywhere there isn't a time limit to love.

Join a meet up group,take a Zumba class on your good days and on your bad days give your endo the finger...and as silly as this might sound drink loads of water it flushes the inside.

Be okay sweets and stop feeling sad for/with yourself.

Yes I feel the same I had mine diagnosed at 20. And at 30 I managed to have my one and only child... Of which I bleed regularly all the way through until I had her early, which was very stressful as you can imagine (although I am very grateful for her don't get me wrong) then of course all the usual things people do with toddler's like swimming etc I have rarely done because I was either in too much pain or flooding with blood... She now starts the comprehensive school next and I am sure doing things with mum will quickly become out of vogue so to speak. So I do understand what you are saying I feel like I have missed out on my ddaughter's childhood and there is certain times in life that just can't be revisited! Don't be hard on yourself, I found finding something to focus on really helped... It's not for everyone but I did an open university degree... So those especially in the middle of night when I could not sleep or leave the house because of the bleeding I would some reading or watch a dvd they had sent with the course work! I am now in the process of recovering from a full hysterectomy.

The thing is it is really easy on a bad day to go down of negative thoughts, I call round my friends and family and just chat or meet up for coffee to take my mind off it. Keep your chin up and try and stay strong xx

Thank you all so much for your comments. I usually do just take things on the chin and keep smiling, to an extent that some people can't believe i am ill but was feeling a bit low yesterday and all of your comments helped so much :-)

So glad for this site, we shall beat this horrible thing together i'm sure xxx

Hi don't give up. I didn't meet my husband until I was your age. You will find someone when the time is right. I know it's hard i thought I would be single for the rest of my life but the hubby came along. He's been absolutely wonderful since I was diagnosed in July with both endo and adeno. You will find your Mr right when you least expect to. I wish you all the luck in the world. Just try and stay strong.

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