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Endometriosis burnt away and ovarian removal that have cysts on

Hi I had my review last week I have been in agony for years and finally in Dec I got diagnosis of endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I was put on zoladex treatment but suffered severe side effects so consultant has now decided on surgery. I had a hysterectomy removal of cervix and womb 14 years ago when I was 26 it was a mess they had to cut my womb away from my bladder. Now the consultant has put me on waiting list to have the endometriosis burnt away and removal of ovaries which will put me straight into menopause. What's the average recovery time for these procedures I'm already ill with rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia amongst other problems I'm just scared if it will work and how painful it is afterwards any advice would be great been told it's about 4 month waiting list they also testing for cancer gene and cancer levels for some reason. Any help please.

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I wouldn't recommend this method. Excision is the most effect removal for endometriosis but even then it can return. I've read many stories of pain associated with ablation. The instant menopause wasn't too bad for me. Some hot flashes and occasional bad moods but it's been pretty mild. Good luck!


Thanks had my blood tests done on Monday now got to wait for results and see if there's any cancer there too it's a hard time at the moment with all the pain I'm in


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