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Painful sex after hysterectomy

Hi there. I'm 3 months post total laparoscopic hysterectomy and bowel resection due to endometriosis. I had sex for the first time since surgery and bled a lot and was in severe pain throughout my whole abdomen. Bad enough that I called the doc on call. She was the nurse practitioner and blamed it on dry vagina. It can't possibly hurt that much and that wide spread from just being dry can it? Has anyone else had pain after surgery caused by sex?

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Sorry to hear that. I'm afraid I can't help but wanted to point you to hysterectomy associations website as lots of useful info on there and ladies who've had op to chat to as well.


Yes it can! I was so shocked by the bleeding and pain, which lasted a couple of days. I've been diagnosed with vaginal atrophy. The lack of estrogen makes the walls of the vagina thin and easily irritated. Dr has prescribed vagifem pessaries twice a week. They are a low dose estrogen pessary that 'plumps' up the vaginal walls. I'm pleased to report that everything is back to normal in that department, no more pain or bleeding😀

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