Painful Bloating

Hi ladies, I was diagnosed with Endo a couple of years ago and had a laparoscopy in Jan 2015. Since then the pain has come back and I suffer from severe pain in the form of extremely painful bloating on the last few days of my period and for several days after. To the point where I am bed bound for several days, unable to walk. Really bad.

I'm just here wondering if anyone can suggest pain killers or supplements to help with this. I've been given Mefanamic Acid which helped for a couple months and is now useless. I was then given co-codemol which only puts me to sleep!

Now I just dread every month and live in anxiety of my period....of which I have to have as we are trying to conceive.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks ladies

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  • I find that omega 3 really helps me. I use Vitabiotics, it's not cheap but good quality. I'll pop back and post the link xxx

  • Awwwww great!

    Thank you, will give them a try :) ill try anything!xx

  • Omega 3's can also be added to your diet without pills. Most pills with omega 3's are derived from fish, the problem with this is that fish contains mercury. Mercury is a dangerous toxin and can result in issues from heavy metal poisoning. Your body is unable to get rid of heavy metals since they aren't water soluable like most vitamins and minerals.

    Your actually not supposed to eat more then 2 servings of fish for a week. Then take into account that fish oils are a more potent then eating actual fish so taking one a day can be very dangerous.

    An example of the dangers of mercury is the 'mad hatter' in Alice in wonderland, mercury was used in the glue at the time and made them crazy.

    Mercury poisoning impacts also the heart, kidneys, and liver.

    Some foods with omega 3's are fish (only twice a week), hemp oil (which isn't expensive just take a tsp a day), spinach, and flax seed. These food are fairly easy to emcorporate in your diet and readily available anywhere. Eat a spinach salad to add it to a recip your making. Add hemp or flax seed oil/seeds to a salad, recipe, yogurt or baked goods.

    Hemp tastes like almonds, so hemp seeds could be used to make biscotti.

  • Great info Hannah, thank you! Really interesting, I appreciate you :)

  • Have you any other symptoms like constipation, mucous and blood .. I kept getting told mine was 'bloating' or constipation but I'm fact I saw a colon guy yesterday who informed me that my bowel is actually inflamed. Anyway peppermint tea does help with gas and to settle your stomach .. Also ginger, lemon and honey if you feel sick. I did terribly.

  • I have lots of constipation but no mucous and blood. I'll deffo stock up on the recommended tea's! Thank you

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