Hysterectomy at 36! Eeeek!!!!

Saw my gynea for my post 6 month check post lap. Told him I'm still in pain during ovulation and then the most awful period pain. During my lap a very small spot of Endo was found and a dermoid cyst was removed from my ovary . I've tried all kinds of hormone treatments that have not worked well for me at all. He thinks I'm producing too much of a hormone that I'm sensitive too and thinks my final option is a hysterectomy. I'm really confused . I'm only 36 . My family is complete but I'm so worried about having such big surgery .

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  • Are you under general gynae?

    General gynae tend to miss endometriosis, esspecially at your age and if you haven't had a c-section you would have more then a small spot of endo, this would be why your still in pain.

    A hysterectomy isn't a cure to endometriosis.

    If your in the uk ask to be refered to a BSGE centre, you have a right to a referral of your choice. If you aren't in the U.K. there are support groups on Facebook which can point you in the right direction for treatment in your area.

  • I've suffered with endometriosis for years was diagnosed is 2009. I'm 32 and having a hysterectomy on the 3rd of April. I'm nervous but excited. After years of suffering and trying different treatments I'm looking forward to having my life back. Here if you need to talk.

  • I suppose cos I keep being told that everything looks normal on scans that they are just taking out my womb to see if that helps. If I could see a physical reason to why I need s hysterectomy (other than pain) I would just go for it. But I feel like it's a bit of trial and error 😩

  • My mother in law had a hysterectomy in November as she had a prolapse. She was booked in to have it fixed but when they did the operation they had to do the hysterectomy as it was causing some of the problems. Anyway she always suffered with back problems and pain in her hips but never had problems with her periods. But she is now pain free since having the hysterectomy. She had suffered 30 years with the pain and no one had put it down to a prolapse causing the problem. Hope this helps.

  • Oh really! I have back problems too ! That's interesting. I would have thought a prolapse would be easy to detect .

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