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General gyno app tomorrow! So anxious !

I'm getting so so anxious for my gynaecologist appointment in the morning. Iv had problems since starting my period at 12 but the last 7 years Iv been to Drs, a&e and scans endless times. Iv been on the implant and 13 pills and nothing works, Iv been off the pill for 10 months now and the pain is unbearable - I had an ultrasound in January which only showed kidney cysts. I feel like the only way il be happy is if they put me on the list for a lap tomorrow in my appointment but I'm so anxious they will just try and fob me off like the past 7 years. I'm getting so down about it I don't feel like myself anymore and I feel like a meaning Minnie to my friends.

Any advice for my app tomorrow would be so so appreciated.

Thank you, Hayley

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How long have you been on each pill for? I was told to give each one at least 9 months to get settled before I decided if it wasn't for me, and that meant sticking out a lot of breakthrough bleeding and feeling like crap but I finally found a super low doseage one that works! Also make sure you tell them just how much pain you're in and that you've tried a lot and would like some new suggestions, maybe write a list of everything you want to say so you don't end up finishing the appointment with more questions! x


An ultrasound is unlikely to show endometriosis, I had one that showed nothing wrong and 2 months later had an MRI that showed extensive endometrosis. However I was 47, yours is unlikely to be that bad. Like you I had been fobbed off for years, decades in fact.

Ask for an MRI and if the gyna isn't taking your problems seriously, insist on being referred to someone on this list. bsge.org.uk/centre/ the text list is below the map.


Have endometriosis ever been spoken about with any gp you have seen? I think I would suggest that you have test to see if you have it, I went over 20 years before I was diagnosed admitted I had a break from symptoms when I was on a particular pill which I continuously took(can't remember which one) until one day my periods just started again and so did the pains.it wasn't until I started to bleed from the rear that tests were then done and I ended up having part of my bowel removed as it attached to my tube.dont let them fob you off get tested at least then you can rule it out if you have not got it


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