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My first Gyno Appointment

Hi all!!

I've been struggling for years now with crippling period pain being told by the doctor it's normal and not that bad!! I've been made to feel like I'm making my symptoms up and it's all in my head! But it's not right for a person to be unable to move or function due to this pain.

After doing months of research I realised that all my symptoms scream endometriosis! Why did no one say that to me before?

Some of My symptoms :

Serve period pain in pelvis, lower back and thighs.

Excessive and large clots.




I have written a list and done a diary of my symptoms for my appointment.

My symptoms start around a week before my period and finish roughly a week after my period. I live in constant pain.

I had an ultrasound recently which didn't show anything but as endo doesn't show on ultrasounds I wasn't put of in my battle and I defiantly wasn't being fobbed off by the GP when he told me I just have 'abnormal periods'.

Any advice and tips for my appointment?

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Gynae are (hopefully) a lot more clued up than GPs so they should take you more seriously. I feel for you, I had 12 years of being fobbed off with the 'normal' line or 'try Evening Primrose/Paracetamol/being less of a wimp" it took being delivered to the surgery after passing out at work to get a referral, the gynae appointment was plain sailing by comparison.

Ask questions, give them an absolute list of what you suffer through, don't skimp on details no matter how small or embarrassing, and prepare yourself for what may be the roughest exam of your life as they poke and prod you. Don't be messed about with 'tentative' (read: guess) diagnoses. Good luck!

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Thankyou! I feel like no one takes you seriously ... It's so hard to live a normal life and go to work when your in that much pain ... I'm so nervous about my appointment!


You've got through the gatekeeper now, and in my experience that is the hardest part! With your research and any help from community on here I'm sure you'll be fine.

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You did everything you could so far what is important to prepare yourself so far for a chat with the gynocologist. I hope things will get sorted, it is so hard when you have this constant battle about your health and Gps dont really listen. Or dont know what is wrong and dont really investigate further.

I wish you all the best!


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Hi ,

For years I went back and forth to the GP and was referred to gyne but they all told me I was too young to have endometriosis and it was IBS after one doctor suggested it was all in my head I didn't go back for a year .

When I did go back to my GP I insisted on being referred I had a lovely consultant who listened and sympathised and after I explained my symptoms in detail he agreed to do a laparoscopy and I did have endometriosis and there was a lot of it .

You are the only one who knows your body. I'd your not nappy with the outcome keep pushing them until you get the care you need and deserve . Don't give up :)

Good luck xx


That is my fear that because I'm only 18 they will assume I'm to young. Every day shouldn't be a battle so hopefully I get an answer


They seem to be getting better now as more and more ladies are being diagnosed younger . And has nothing to do with how we should be treated . Good luck

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I had that problem for 15 months being fobbed off so I went to see a lady doctor best thing I done she refered me to gynaecology and had my lap this year found that I had aheadions in my pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb but yeah keep on at them they will soon get fed up xx

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