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Prostap overdose?

Hey ladies, I hope you're all okay?

I just need some advice.

I had my first prostap 3 injection on the 3rd of January, I went back to see my BSGE specialist on Tuesday this week to discuss my mri results. He said there was no DIE but mine is superficial and says that because I've not had any relief from the prostap that he thinks I have another underlying problem along with my endo which is causing me this pain. He said he wants me to be seen by a bowel doctor and he also wants to do a laparoscopy very soon to excise my endo and have a good look around, also so he can strip my pod to help with painful intercourse. He said there's no point in doing a hysterectomy at the minute due to the prostap not helping.

Anyway when I had my first prostap in January I went to see my gp to ask if they would be able to do my next one and they told me that the consultant's registrar I saw didn't put down on my report that I'd had the injection and only said that they had offered it to me.

When I was with my consultant on Tuesday he didn't know that i had the prostap injection. I told him I had the 3 month one and not sure if he realised but he gave me another prostap that day as he said i was due another which I didn't realise until I got home, he's given me my injection a month early?!

I called his secretary yesterday and she said she would call me back when she gets my notes and will speak to my consultant. I called again this morning as I had a bad flare up last night and don't feel too good and wondered if it was due to the prostap. She was very shitty on the phone and said well I said I would call you! I am dealing with it! The injection is already in your system now so there's not alot we can do.

She really annoyed me!

I called nhs 111 this afternoon and they said I should keep an eye on my symptoms and if things get any worse see a doctor.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Xxx

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