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That good old word... Tirdness


Hi all

Can anyone give me advise on tiredness and what, if anything, helps? I am constantly tired all the time. I get in from work and am in bed ar 8pm sometimes. I have no energy at all and just the 20 walk to work is tiring! And its really having an impact on my social life as I know I cannot stay up late!!! The only medication I'm on is Yasmin taken back-to-back constantly.

Thank you all for any advice.

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Have you had your iron/ferritin levels checked?

Also your vitamin D levels. Both worth getting checked.

I should explain that I had the same symptoms and it turned out I was anaemic due to my heavy periods.

Easy to get checked and easy to resolve.

I take Spatone Iron supplement, two a day when my iron is low, one a day, when it's fine.

The Spatone is more easily absorbed than the ferrous sulphate or ferrous fumerate prescribed. (Both of which are cheaper over the counter than on a prescription!)

Good luck 😊

Tiredness and being abnormally cold are my main two symptoms of endometriosis so I feel your frustration. I've started taking iron tablets again in the hope it helps. Also some vitamin D. Other than that I'd be interested to read any other answers you get x

Jaas1 in reply to Mary81

Hey- i read your comment and i have been wondering why i have been feeling so abnormally cold lately but put it down to stress, however i am abnormally tired all the time as well and it's starting to take a toll on my relationship with my partner. I always watch my iron levels as i have been anemic in the past but i don't think I'm lacking. I just wanted to know if your iron and vitamin D intake worked for you? x

What little brown bird said!

I found vitamin B helped a lot with the tiredness. Also magnesium helps with exercise.

I'm now on my second day off work in just over a week because I've spent two weeks in pain and it's so draining. I'm same as you, I want to be in bed by 8 ish and if I don't get enough sleep I'm useless. But it's not just physical from trying to suppress pain all day i am mentally exhausted, unable to form sentences, remember anything, do any jobs around the house. I'm not being very effective at my job and that's making things so much worse. I finally have an appointment with my dr today to talk about my options.

I definitely sympathise with you! It's not just tiredness and no one really gets that who isn't a sufferer! My partner just calls me lazy!

Merlion09 in reply to Milly2014

I totally understand what you are going through down to the work situationa nd when somethung goes wrong there we feel even worse. I will certainly see the gp and as for work, my tip to you is I take extra time to double check my work now .. What made me giggle,today was I almost put my sweeteners into my jar of coffee for my cuppa!!! You are nor alone !!

Milly2014 Your partner is not alone in being unsympathetic. I used to fall asleep due to extreme tiredness, my brother has grumbled at me about it and it turned out the cause was a lack of oxygen in my blood from being so anaemic. My GP was insisting I go for a blood transfusion, but I managaed it with spatone/ferrous fumerate, so do request a full blood count and find out which supplements you need x

Know the feeling I been like that for the pass week.... I normally wake up feeling feeling really refreshed and good but I blame it on the infection that I could have and will ask about vitimn D 😑 it's constantly draining.....

Im completely the same. Im so down at the minute cos of it. I think i may go to the docs. It seems to have got worse since i gone on the pill. Had to go on it cos im waiting for my 5th op. 😣 just getting so fed up with feeling like this. Sending big hugs to u all x

A big BIG thank you to you all - knowing now that I'm not on my own and all your helpful tips have made me feel,so much better - thank you

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