Suffering with endo

Hi guys.

I'm suffering really bad with my endo. I've been off work for 2 weeks and I can't see me going back anytime soon. I'm currently on tramadol however, it's no longer helping my pain and I'm becoming really fed up and exhausted and I'm not due to have surgery until around April. The doctors refuse to give me any other pain medication or anything to help me sleep as I'm struggling to sleep at night. I've lost so much weight in 2 weeks, I'm struggling to deal with this

I think I'm starting to become quite depressed after being diagnosed with endo and this pain is just sometimes too much to deal with.

Anyone have any advice?


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  • I feel exactly the same as you I'm sending hugs Hun x I am off work currently and the tramadol isn't working either, everyone's saying to go to a&e but I can't bear to sit there and wait and for them to not do anything.

    I'm getting really low and think I can't do this for the rest of my life

    Does anyone have any ideas to help I've tried everything :( x

  • I've been into A&E before but they just sent me home as there's nothing they can do. It really sucks, I feel for you. The joys of being a woman x

  • I take herbal calms to help me sleep x x I am suffering depression too you are not alone. See if you can swap to a more sympathetic gp

  • Hiya, firstly I know how you feel, I've been off my work for 3 weeks with the pain. Has the doctor given you a reason for not prescribing any other medication? Tramadol stopped working for me a few months ago, I was then prescribed a stronger tablet and have now been prescribed pain modifiers instead of pain killers. I'm absolutely exhausted but I'm sleeping 11 hours at night and then still need a nap the next day! It might be worth seeing if you can speak to another GP in your practice. Xx

  • They just said they're not prepared to give me anything stronger and the tramadol shouldn't have stopped working even though it has, it just makes me really drowsy. I can't sleep at night but sleep quite a lot during the day, this is my 2nd week off work and I think I'll have to take next week off too. Xx

  • As I said it might be worth going back to your GP, even to see if they can give you anything to help you sleep at night. When I explained how much pain i was in I actually burst out crying. Think the doctor knew how severe it was. I'm starting new medication tomorrow after having adverse effects from previous medication so I'm hoping these tablets finally agree with me and I can get back on my feet. I'm sure your the same but being stuck in the house is driving me mad! Hope you manage to get something that works for the pain. Xx

  • Yeah, I asked about something to help me sleep too but they refused that as well, I feel like I'm getting nowhere! I had a bit of a mental breakdown yesterday because I am so fed up with being in pain all the time, it's taking its toll on me. Hope the new medication works and you feel better soon. Sending hugs. Xx

  • I know how frustrated I am with being in pain all the time so can only imagine how you feel with some resistance from the doctors! It really does get you down, sick of this pain ruining plans and when people ask how you are and having to reply with "in pain"! I've not been properly diagnosed yet (due my lap in April) but my doctor strongly believes that it's endo. It will be good to finally get a diagnosis so I know what I'm working with! Thanks, hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • I'm the same! Not been properly diagnosed but professor strongly believes it's endo, due my lap in april too, how coincidental! Xx

  • Hey, I also have endo and recently had my first lap.

    I was suffering a lot before that, particularly with pain and tummy problems and found diet and exercise a good way to manage it while I waited. I know at the moment you probably can't bear to think of exercising, but have you tried altering what you eat?

    I found that anything processed, meat (particularly red), alcohol, caffeine, fried food and gluten/wheat could make it a lot worse. Sometimes it could be literally anything, so I understand your pain. Some people also avoid dairy.

    I unfortunately don't know the medication you're taking but I had the coil put in during my lap after having serious problems with the pill, despite taking it for 10 years. I also tried tricycling.

    The best thing is to get support on places like this in the interim. I used to be scared and frustrated and have had so much more support since joining this page.

    Sorry I can't give any big answers, but hope that my suggestion can help while you wait for your operation next month.


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