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Struggling with fatigue

Hi ladies,  looking for some advice on coping with fatigue.  I'm currently waiting for a scan and consultant appointment as I've been bleeding for six weeks now and I've had right sided abdo pain for weeks too.  I've also started having night sweats (not sure if it's my endo, medication or early menopause) as a result I am completely exhausted all of the time.  It's absolutely killing me and I'm struggling to even get out of bed,  but I have to work.  How to the rest of you cope with the fatigue? I would be really grateful for any tips as I'm really struggling.  Thank you 

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Hi if you've been bleeding for six weeks you are probably anemic so an iron supplement may help also vitamin c . Try evening primrose oil and sage leaf tablets, one of each twice a day for the hot flushes.

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I am also suffering with fatigue, it is awful. I am sorry you are having such a bad time.

I try to eat small amounts often and eat healthy snacks. It is so tempting to just chain eat chocolate when I am tired but the sugar rush is only temporary.

I agree with Jean, I take multivitamins and aloe vera gel.

I drink a lot of water and keep hydrated.

I would say that I allow myself time to rest when I need it, but I work and have a two year old so that is not happening!

I hope you get things sorted.

D x


I've just started taking vitamins so don't know what difference are those going to make - if any, but changing my eating habits helped A LOT.. eating 'clean', no fast foods, just fresh fruits and veggies, lean white meat and fish.. its time consuming to prepare and keep it up every day (i give up every now and then), but worth it x 


Thanks for your help everyone.  I'll certainly give some of those things a try! X


I have really struggled with fatigue in the past. Tired +pain+nausea =crappy diet. I started on meal replacement shakes a couple of months ago.  Didn't think it was a good idea at the time as I was a bit overweight. But I was anaemic. I've lost a stone and my tiredness is lots better. I still don't hardly eat enough but at least I'm getting enough vitamins. Also night sweats, leg cramps improved. Supadrug have a 3 for 2 on their own brand shakes atm. It can't hurt xxx

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