Endo & mental health

I've been suffering with endo for nearly 2 years. In comparison to some peoples experience, I've fortunately had a quick response from my gp and was referred to a Gyne early this year. I had my lap in April but it has come back again.

It is really affecting my mental health. It's depressing me constantly being in this pain. I've taken so much time off work (I'm off again today -_-) and it has absolutely killed my social life. I feel like I cannot progress in my career because I am not a reliable employee due to my constant sick days.

I'm really struggling to cope with day to day life with this. I don't know how to stay positive with other aspects of my life. I feel very isolated because I don't know how to talk to people about this as they really do not understand.

I don't know when it'll get better and I can start to live my life again :(. Am I being dramatic?

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  • it's ridiculously hard to cope with, you're not being dramatic. In the UK you can self refer to therapy, or your GP can refer you.

    they can help you learn self compassion and pacing techniques that will help you cope with your illness.

    I went for depression and self esteem and it helped me a lot.

    talk to your GP. I hope you get the help you deserve soon x

  • Yeah I think I do need to see a therapist. I was thinking of seeing one but they're quite expensive. I didn't know that you could be referred by a gp so I'll definitely request that at my next appointment. Thank you :)

  • It helped me so much. This charity don't have a fee as such, they ask you to make a donation of what ever you can afford, they recommend between £5 and £25 depending on your financial circumstances. Try google to see if there is anything similar in your area x

  • I'll definitely look into it. Thanks again x

  • Hey no your not being dramatic. Endo can have a severe affect on all aspects of life. I too had a relatively quick diagnosis approx. 2 years, it doesn't make it any easier.

    Is there a support group in your area?

    I had 3 months counselling which really helped me, it was a charity run counselling service or you could talk to your GP and see if they can refer you to something similar.

    It's very hard coping with endo but you will find ways to make life easier, it takes time and a lot of determination but you will get there.

    We are here for you x

  • I've not looked into a support group. I find it very hard to be open but I think I need it.

    Thank you x

  • I too suffer with Depression and tiredness due to endo and agree that it's too hard some days to handle and I wish I didn't have to! I wish none of us did.

    My GP referred me to MIND for some CBT which helped a bit. Also had some sessions via my works employee assistance program - does your work have one? Work don't need to know why or how long you go for they just know someone contacted them HR should be able to help you locate them

    Also try endo UKs website for support groups hopefully there is one near you

    Is your gynae at a BSGE clinic? I'd advise getting referred there if not as they have pain managers as well as all the right surgeons that could help you now and in the future.

    Best of luck and keep chatting here as we all know what it's like. :-)

  • I did speak to someone through my work employee assistance program but the guy wasn't very helpful as he knew nothing about the situation (as expected) but I may go to them again and try someone else.

    I've not been referred to anyone at a bsge clinic (I only heard about them via this site) so I will speak to my gp about it. I am being referred to pain management though.

    I will continue to use this site, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone or overreacting!

    Thank you x

  • Not over reacting at all! We all feel rubbish and are fighting each day.

    Ask your employee assistance if you can have face to face counselling as that can be easier and say you want to see a female therapist as you can do so at that point

    Good luck

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