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Hi new to this , I've had pain on and off in my left side and lower abdomen for months now. But since 2 weeks ago had severe pain and a slight bleed and now am in constant pain. Can't work due to pain and exhaustion. Have had 2 scans and an X-ray but they can not detect anything. 4 years ago had the same pain and nothing found then. Dr has now referred me to gyne for laparoscopy but I'm scared I'm goi g to be in this pain for another 12 weeks at least till I'm seen. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting seen quicker as the meds are also not touching pain at times? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi I've posted below regarding sudden abdo pains etc. Could you have a look and reply please to let me know if you can relate at all to my symptoms? If so it sounds like we are in a similar position!

    Hope you are OK x

  • Go back to a different female dr at least they can understand your pain and should prescribe you the right pain relief,what did they give you?

  • Hi they gave me co codomol 30/500 as I have Ceoliac disease I can't take ibruphrofen due to it upsetting my tummy. I'm going back to gp tomorrow and will ask for different meds as I'm really not coping.

  • Hiya, firstly I know how you feel - I've been in constant pain for a while now and was signed off my work around 3 weeks ago due to the pain. I would suggest going back to your doctor for other medication, I've been on lots of different pain killers and have recently been put on to pain modifiers to try and control the pain. Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to get a laparoscopy quicker other than possibly going private? I've just received my pre-op for the beginning of April which seems like ages away! x

  • Hi fuzzy frog I had spd to with las baby born11 years ago . I have all the same symptoms you have and the only thing diff is I've not had a period. Pregnancy test negative scan negative ect. I'm sitting here buckled over with pain again.will definitely be visiting gp tomorrow this is so debilitating. Thanks for all the replies x

  • Hi I've just followed your post so I can see your progress, have you followed mine? I'm thinking we can compare notes as we go along x

  • Go back to you're gp, and tell them you can't cope with the pain all them weeks. And to see if they can give you anything while you're waiting for the procedure and the results. When it happened to me before my lap I was perscribed tramadol and naproxen. I've been going through it for a long time so if I can help in anyway x

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