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Sudden abdo pains, bearing down discomfort & pain, unable to walk/stand long. Clear ultrasound. Investigation ongoing. Any ideas please?

Hi, I'm hoping to get some clue as to what might be happening based on my symptoms.

Started suddenly approx 3wks ago with strong, what I thought might have been, ovulation pains for a day. That morning had a show of fresh blood but not sure from where (rectal & vaginal exam both clear, clear bloods & swabs. Normal periods before and since). Following morning low pain which suddenly became breath takingly painful. Doctor examination led to hospitalisation with further tests since (as above). 2nd ultra sound most recently also clear, refused in internal scan as deemed not needed, again clear - no cysts, fibroids, fluid, normal lining etc. Was explained to me that it would not show endometriosis, bowl etc.

Bearing down pain is sometimes uncomfortable usually when I've been resting, raising to pain or very painful which comes on sharp if I've been on my feet. Unable to walk far or very fast due to discomfort of bearing down, also experiencing abdo discomfort still. Also uncomfortable going to the loo due to bearing down but both happening normally. Some pains or possibly dead feeling/discomfort in tops of legs and pains in my sides, similar to what I remember SPD to be like. Some lower back pain but am a back sufferer anyway so may be from being so sedentary.

Emergency C section nearly 10yrs ago, no issues since, large scar. Have increased physical activity and core strength building muscles in recent years. Usually regularly fit and active. Are adhesions a possibility?

Pain relief - nothing when I can manage, then paracetamol. Have cocodamol and codydromol but getting headaches and side effects so avoiding where possible.

Waiting for ultrasound results to reach doctor so I can n make an appointment to discuss, but if pains from yesterday and today continue I'll be back sooner.

Any one else struggling with similar? Any help with what this could be? Any info or advice much appreciated. Thank you!

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If you have endometriosis or adhesions your pelvic floor becomes over active and goes into a permantly tensed state which core work will wreck havoc on. Adhesions have fascia which with stress tense up just like your muscles so they can become more painful. The issues with bearing down could be related to your pelvic floor being so tense you are unable to relax enough to have a bowel movement. See a pelvic floor physiotheprist and they can help loosen adhesions.

Endometriosis can be caused by a c-section too if the uterine tissue isn't cleared up. Did all of this start during your period? Constipation is more likely during ovulation?

Bowel disease can also cause bleeding but you need surgery to see what part of the bowel is screwed up.

You also need surgery for endometriosis to diagnosis it.


Thanks for your reply. This started right in the middle of my cycle, this why I thought the initial pain was ov pain which I've only ever experienced mildly before.

Up to now I've had no symptoms whatsoever, I'm fitter now than I have been in years but I've been building up to that for the last 2-3yrs ago with no symptoms or problems.

When the problems started I hadn't done any fitness for around 4 days.

When the abdo pains became severe that day it felt like labour pains and the bearing down I can only relate again to how it felt in pregnancy.


Even if you are fitter and feel healthier the pelvic floor is tensed up. Even if you didn't work out for 4 days, even for a month. Once your pelvic floor becomes overactive it stays that way until your trained to relax it. An overactive pelvic floor is too strong since it's harder on the muscles to stay tensed then it is to relax them like an underactive pelvic floor:

When you do core work you further encourage your pelvic floor to tense up so even if it was a few days ago or even a month your just adding to a tensed environment that doesn't know how to relax.

Just because you didn't have problems till now does mean you didn't have problems then, less known Pelvic Floor issues are having to go to the washroom often, not having to go, incontinace, lower back pin after heavy lifting, loss of sensation during sex, pain with orgasm, worse cramps with tampons in, issues with sitting down for long to short periods. One great way to check is do a level and see how well you can relax your floor after that, if you can't go to even more relaxed then what you were before then it's a sure sign.

I was a ballet, contemporary, belly, and jazz dancer, I also was training for parkour and worked out everyday, I didn't think my pelvic floor was screwed up but I had no idea till I saw a physiotheprist and they found my PC muscle had grown so strong it took over the space for another one. If you think you are fitter than a ballet dancer go en pointe and dance that way for 10 min, it has nothing to do with fitness it has to do with endometriosis causes the pelvic floor to tense up, even stress.

I would push for a laproscopy to see if you have endo also since labour pains are a sign of it on the utrosacral ligaments.

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Hi. Hope u don't mind me asking a question.

But if you are stressed around your ovulation time. And have endo and adesions are u saying that this may cause more pain than normal ? Could this be the reason some months are more pain full that others. ?? X


Stress can also tense up the pelvic floor it's a natural response when we are stressed out we clench up. So yes, I would recommend seeing a physiotheprist so they can help release your tensed up muscles, and teach you how to do it yourself.

The fascia only tense up from physical exercise, rubbing your belly too hard, or going in fetal position, so your adhesions can tense up from that.


I have been getting the same pains. I also put this down to painful ovulation as I always get some pain around that time every month. But this month it's been so intense. And has stuck around for a few more days as well. In to mind weather to get it looked into.

I hav endo and 2yrs ago had to have my left ovary and tube removed.

Let us know how u get on x


No I wouldn't say I was stressed. This has gone on over 3 weeks now, throughout my period and beyond.

I've had no diagnosis as yet so no idea what it could be, but I know endometriosis and bowel issues could be a possibility along with other things. I know I've got more tests and investigations to come and it seems to be a very long process of elimination, during which life is basically on hold as I'm not able to do any of my usual physical every day activities


I've come off the pain relief after speaking to my GP about the side effects I was suffering, I'm now on stronger ibuprofen cycled with paracetamol since yesterday. Don't know whether it's coincidence but the bearing down pains and discomfort have lessened and I've not had any of the horrible sharp pains that are catching me after being on my feet a while. The worst discomfort at the moment is in my sides/hips and lower back. Occasionally still getting the radiating/numb feelings in my legs and bum and my stomach discomfort is still there at varying degrees.

Latest ultrasound confirmed as clear. I'm now waiting on gynae referral to come through so until then I have no chance of any diagnosis, investigation or treatment, no idea how I'll be waiting. In the meantime I guess that I can only hope that the pain relief works and allows me some normality back, or that I am given some reprieve if the pain were to leave me for a while - I know anything is possible with not knowing what it is causing it, so I have hope! I'll keep my fingers tightly crossed.

Today I started a colour coded diary as to my daily symptoms and developments; I'd been keeping a record since it all started so I've put it all in the one diary that I can carry with me and update daily so when I do get an appointment they can see exactly how my symptoms have been and when. It also means I don't have to try and remember it all and worry I've missed out something important.


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