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Hi girlies has anyone been on prostap 3 month injections and still had there periods? I'm nearly into my 3rd month of it and I've still have my periods :( alot more pain, I'm confused as I thought artificial menopause was suspopsed to stop all that from happening!! Seen my consultant 2 weeks ago about it and he said I'd a bad flare up and it should settle but now I'm bleeding again :( can't cope with much more lol.. thanks in advance girls xx

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I am on the 3 monthly Prostap, had it in August so nearing the next one which by the way I won't be having!!!

My consultant explained that it doesn't stop periods in all cases, I had a mirena inserted last year which stopped my periods completely however I started bleeding a month after I got the injection.

It didn't last very long maybe about 6 days but my pain has been no better and I have so many nasty side effects that I won't be taking the next one, again I was advised that it can make the pain much worse.

Not sure if I was any help to you, hope your pain settles down.

L x


I won't get the coil cause we have been trying to concieve for past 5 years, this is my 2nd time going threw artificial menopause, I had the zoladex injections for 6 months which I was fine with I'd 6 months pain free but had the side effects of menopause, this time the side effects of the prostap is horrendous :( my moods change at least 12 times a day, the sweats, anxiety it's a nightmare..

I was told this was the only thing they could try cause I've already had surgery a few times and all the hormone treatments so sort of felt I'd no other choice thlo my gut was telling me I was doing the wrong thing I wish now I'd trusted my gut..

Thanks I really hope it does too



I had 3 months of deceptal (another brand of prostrap) and I actually had alot worse period pain which came every 3 weeks I didnt bleed but still got the period pain ( i also have a coil) It was so severe I nearly went to hospital I havent had another jab for 2 months now and I certainley wouldnt have it again. The side effects were horrendoes and I'm now having joint pain but I understand that it takes about 4 months to completley leave your system. Interesting that it can make your pain worse. It is such a strong drug I do think that its given out too easily by gyne's. I felt pressured into it and my gut told me that it wasnt the right thing to do but you get desperate dont you! Its been suggested that I have stage 4 endo and will need exision surgery so Im seeing an endo specialist to discuss another Lap in Jan which Im hoping that will at least give me some of my life back! Sorry if sounds like a bit of a rant!

I hope your pain settles down soon and good luck with it all.xx


Hi Charlie thanks for the reply :) I can relate so much to what you just said. I defo won't be having the prostap again these past few months have been horrific,

I had the excision done a couple years back and now I'm back to square 1 again it's so frustrating, I did feel pressured into taking the prostap an had doubts about it but thought oh docs know best but obvs not :( it is true what they say this disease is so miss understood & there isn't enough knowledge about it to actually help women like us properly.

Did you have to pay to see an endo specialist? Hope you don't mind me asking but in my area there doesn't seem to be any :( xx


Totally agree on the pressured bit, I felt I had no choice but to do as I'm told!! I was so against it that it took me nearly 4 months to go ahead with it, it was prescribed by my consultant in April and I didn't have it till August.

I got a call from the hospital to say that according to them I haven't got the injection yet and if I refuse then there's nothing else they can or will do for me hence why I went ahead.

I wish now I listened to my instincts but I couldn't risk being discharged.

L x


They tried to talk me into zoladex injections and I refused I told them to give me the lap and first period was really painful and secound and third were fine but I was dignosed with adhesions in pouch of Douglas and endo In my womb but don't feel pressured into doing stuff u ain't comfortable I was pressured into having zoladex and I'm glad I never had them it's ur body at the end of the day and hope u get some relief soon I'm due to see gynae on 19th November so hope get somewere this time xxx


Problem being I have already had 3 ops, 2 laparoscopic and an oporotomy, the consultant is against further ops as they do cause adhesions, my last lap was last year they removed it from pod and right ovary, that's where most of my pain seems to be, so prostap was a last resort God knows where I go from here!! Have hospital app on 16th.


Hi Amanda

I did pay to see an endo specialist costing £200 initially so didnt have to wait forever and then she referred me back through the NHS so I will still have her do the surgery as she is the lead endo surgern in Oxford (apparantley very good). I dont know where you are but if you want her details feel free to private message me :) Also you dont need to get a GP referrel, Its a mindfield of who to go and see! It was Lindle on this site that looked it up for me shes really good have a look at her post and it will tell you how to look up BSGE specialists near to you if Oxford is too far xx


Hey thanks for the reply I'm in northern

Ireland and there's only a few private clinics here but no sure what the cost is yano,, xx


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