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Confused by biopsy result?

Hi there, I had endo removed from my ovarian fossa during a lap a few weeks ago (also had hyst and a bowel adhesion cut free). I also had an endometrial biopsy.

I phoned and spoke to the consultant's secretary on Thursday (general gyn) and she said there were no abnormalities, no evidence of the other things it tests for (can't remember what they're called) and NO evidence of 'endometritis'. (She also read me some more of the consultant's notes as my discharge note was very brief. She said he had also found endo on my 'urethra' and that he was unable to treat it, but no reason stated)

Is endometritis and endometriosis one of the same thing? And if so.... I'm utterly confused because the consultant found and treated endo on the fossa, and as explained above, found but couldn't treat endo on the urethra? So if the biopsy hasn't confirmed endo, how come he did via lap????

I'm having an MRI on the 22nd March, for 'investigative' purposes.

If anyone can help me feel a little less confused that would be great!

(I don't want to keep calling the secretary and I have to wait until 6th April to see the consultant for follow up!)

Amy x

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No endometritis is inflamtion of the uterine lining.

Endometriosis is uterine lining growing outside of the uterus. I'm most cases they don't do a biopsy of it. Some can identify endometriosis from looking and based off of a previous diagnosis.

Oops I was told it could be caused by cancer or was a side effect of it.


Thank you Hannah for your response and info!

That makes sense now. I was thinking that there had been conflicting findings but now I see they're 2 different things.

Thanks again xxx

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Okay thanks so much Hannah for the info!

The original community gynaecologist who I saw initially only referred me for a hyst and an endo biopsy, it was only decided by the performing consultant the morning of my procedures that he wanted to also do a lap! So glad and grateful that he did because otherwise I would still be undiagnosed!!

Best wishes to you x

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Endometritis isn't cancer as Hannah has correctly stated. It is inflammation of the endometrial lining of the uterus which is usually related to an infection. I have included a link on what it is and isn't just in case others are concerned. Usually if cancer is suspected or is being tested for the consultant will state this. The only time it isn't stated by them is because the diagnosis is highly unlikely given the symptoms and risk factors. I hope this helps clear up any confusion



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