Hi all,

Hope you are doing okay. :)

I have my first ever Lap date in just over a week from now. It is purely diagnostic to establish whether I have Endo and to have the coil fitted.

Just looking for any advice, tips or your own personal experiences? I am extremely nervous and not sure what to expect. Would really appreciate any support- I feel like i've waiting a life time for this date!

Thanks so much ladies xx

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  • Hi, so pleased you're all set with a date. It's understandable to be nervousbut you'll be fine. Things I think helped me...Stock up on nice, easy to eat food for the days after your recovery, I had absolutely no appetite and only ate yoghurt and banana for about 3 days. Make sure you have someone with you to help you around, even if it's just for emotional support. Make sure all of your bits and bobs are in easy to reach locations, not where you have to reach up or bend right down. Drink lots of fluid. Record stuff on tv or stock up on books and magazines. Keep on top of pain relief for first few days (even if you think you don't need it) but try to avoid codeine if possible because being constipated after a lap is not a happy experience. DO NOT be hard on yourself if you're tired, hurting or emotional. Just because there's not a lot to look at on the outside, your inside has had a lot of moving around and possibly work done. Wishing you loads of luck and I hope you receive the help you need. Take care x

  • Hey Sarah, Thanks so much for your reply. :)

    I think a lot of the nerves are coming from the fact that I might not get any answers for my pain and be left feeling more insane than I already do! I feel like i've waiting so long and dealt with this pain for so long that no answers is the worst possible outcome if that makes sense!

    Thanks so much for all your advice- I will take it all on board, it was super helpful! I have booked a week off work so hopefully it will be enough time to recover!

    Thank you for your kind words :)xxx

  • Don't be surprised if you need longer than a week, it's still surgery and although some people do go back really soon, that's their journey not yours. I had my lap which was initially diagnostic but turned into excision and ablation and separating adhesions. I was off for 5 weeks. I returned to work but now I'm off again due to kidney pain which I'm sure is related. Again, that's just my story so until you're there you just have to be prepared for certain outcomes. Either way don't push yourself too hard, recovering steadily and at your own pace is so important xxx

  • Hi Nicole thought I'd reply as I know how nerve wracking the thought of surgery is! I had my first lap back in October and was really nervous too. Looking back I found that the wait for the procedure was more anxiety provoking than the actual lap! I had mixed emotions- I was terrified but at the same time I was keen to find out exactly what was going on. Before I had it done I did myself a 'treat' box. Basically I bought myself some goodies like chocolates, fluffy water bottle, girly mags and a couple of books that I hadn't got time to enjoying. I also recorded some programmes that I wanted to see and did a food shop making sure I bought my favourite comfort foods. I made sure that most chores were done- things like ironing. Everyone is different after the surgery in regards to healing and pain levels but to be honest theyre very good with giving you effective pain meds. The diagnostic that I had wasn't too bad at all. I had excision last week and that has knocked me off my feet but again I have my treat box- right now I'm enjoying a box set and being kind to myself. It is frightening having a lap and the night before I almost backed out. What really helped was talking through my fears to the anaesthetist- I was worried about waking up during the op (apparently this fear is quite common) and not waking up at all...he didn't laugh at me and he really put my mind at ease. As I was being put to sleep he talked me through everything he was doing and I felt very safe. You must let us know how you get on- look forward to getting this out of the way. Surgery was the best thing I ever did for this disease. Kind Regards xxx

  • Hey- I really appreciate your reply.

    The treat box is a fab idea- im deffo going to give it a try! A perfect excuse to buy lots of comfort food haha!

    I think they are also big fears of mine so its comforting to know that I am not alone with those thoughts. I think my main fear is finding out that they found nothing and that my pain is all in my head. Seems like an awful lot to go through if you gain no answer from it!

    Thanks again for replying. It was really helpful :)xxx

  • My big advice is to get meals in the freezer before you go in. I was hungry during my recovery but also found it hard to move around and lift so cooking was a nightmare. I was off work for a couple of weeks but I'd say it took me three weeks to recover really.

  • Hey Lizzie,

    Thanks so much for your reply. Im going to do a big food shop before the Op and prepare a few meals. I can imagine that the last thing I will want to do is cook! I''m hoping to only have 1 week off but I will see how i get on.

    Thanks again, take care: )

  • Best of luck! It's weird going to sleep feeling ok then waking up feeling rubbish, but at least you should hopefully get some answers. I packed a pen and notepad in my bag so when the consultant came to speak to me afterward I wrote down what she said so I would remember properly... definitely recommend this too xx

  • Oh, and get some bio oil to use on scars afterwards... I've been using it religiously since the scabs healed and my scars are fading beautifully xxx

  • Thanks so much. :) I really appreciate all your help. Never experienced anything like this so taking all the advice I can! I am really worried about the scarring. I go on holiday 1 month after my Op so praying that they have healed well!

    Hope you are doing well! :)xxxx

  • Even if they haven't completely healed, they'll be very small and two of them probably hidden by your bikini bottoms!

  • Hi Nicole,

    I had a laproscopy examination yesterday and they found I do have Endometriosis. I was so nervous about it but didn't need to be. I had never been in hospital before and I was nervous about being put to sleep, the anethetist was lovely and your out before you know it. The next thing you know, your waking up from a deep sleep and the nurses are on standby to take care of you. The pain I felt was about a 6/10 and they gave me some morphine straight away. I did feel quite poorly aftwerwards though to be honest, I was sick quite a few times and had low blood pressure and dehydration. Everyone is different though and so this may not happen to you. My mom was on hand to look after me. I slept for 14 hours straight and felt so much better for it. My stomach is quite sore and tender and swollen, I can't bend over or do any heavy lifting but with painkillers feel comfortable sat down. I made some meals beforehand, so all I have to do is microwave them. Plenty of rest and sleep is a must. Hope it all goes well for you and you get the answers you are looking for xx

  • Hey,

    Thanks for your reply it was super helpful. :)

    I hope you are feeling much better and recovery is going well for you. :) I bet you're so relieved to finally have answers, i feel desperate to know what is causing my pain!

    How long after the Op did you get discharged?

    I have a week booked off from work so hopefully will get a lot of sleep in and do very little!

    Thanks again for the support- Take care. :)xxx

  • Hi, It was 2.05pm when they put me to sleep, I woke up at 4.20pm. They took me to the recovery ward at 5:00pm and then they didn't let me me leave until midnight. That was because you have to do a wee before they let you go home but because i was so dehydrated I couldn't go, I drank so many jugs of water but my body was absorbing it rather than sending it to my bladder. I managed to squeeze a little one out though at 11:45pm as I was desperate to get home to my own bed. I've had a lot of shoulder pain due to the gas they put in your stomache to blow it up, the gas rises up and has affected a nerve but this is normal and painkillers help. Within 4 days of my op, I was feeling much better and could gently bend down to pick things up but I think a week off work to rest is the right thing to do - you need that time to heal up properly. I think I am going to need another op to get some of mine removed but now I have been through it already, I wouldn't be worried about it next time.

    Hope it goes well.

    Take care xxx

  • Ah right i see- Sounds like a nightmare for you! I bet you are glad its all over!!

    My op is booked in for 1pm so hoping to home around 6! Will have to see how I get on :) Think my main fear at the minute is having no answers to my pain by the end of it all.

    Thanks again, i really appreciate it!xxxxxxxxx

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