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Lower back / nerve pain and excercise

I'm currently being treated for endo by taking the pill back to back for 3 packs then having a break - I haven't had a lap so am not formally diagnosed. I've also just started physiotherapy for a long term lower back problem in the sacral area that has started to affect the nerve running down my right leg to my foot.

Since starting the physio and doing the exercises just over a month ago I've found the nerve pain has actually got worse and I've now also got pain in the other side of my back and lower abdomen where I haven't previously had it. Added to this I've now started getting spotting less than two weeks into my 1st pill pack of this cycle which is what has prompted me to write a post here.

So I'm starting to wonder if the back exercises I'm doing are actually aggravating the endo. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

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