retroverted uterus and slightly fixed!!!!!!!!!!! help!!

just got my letter from gynae with the finding of the pelvic exam am also awaiting a laparoscopy. she has wrong examination today was unremarkable apart from a very tender retroverted and slightly fixed uterus ?????????what does this mean can it be like this without endo????

I'm still doubting whether to go for the lap as the one 3 years ago was clear of endo

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  • A tilted uterus can be genetic or in some cases it can be a sign of adhesions which can be caused by endo. Mine was tilted and it showed nothing else but when I had a lap I had mild to moderate endo so it was fairly substantial. Internal ultrasounds generally don't show endo or adhesions so a clear scan doesn't mean much apart from you know you don't have any cysts which is a good thing.

  • Have you ever had pelvic exams before this one? If so, it may be important to find out if it was retroverted then and establish whether there has been a change

  • yer only when I got my smear, and another gynae, and ultrasound but what does she mean slightly fixed? I've never been told that before xx

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