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MRI after lap?

Hi, I'm 10 days post lap (plus hysteroscopy and biopsy). My discharge notes are very brief and say that endo was found and treated on ovarian fossa, and that a bowel adhesion was released. I had a very quick visit from the doc who had booked me in just before my discharge to say endo had been found and that they would refer me for an MRI. She didn't seem to say why and I was too drowsy to even think of asking.

Now (after doing a little research) I'm starting to worry that they're requesting MRI because they suspect there is more/ or that they suspect it in or around bowel?

Has anyone else been sent for an MRI after lap and were you given a reason why?

Thanks in advance x

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Why don't you call the specialist and see if you can speak to him/her for a further explanation of that post operative conversation/feedback?

It's alot to take in after an operation and I'm sure they'd be happy to give you an explanation that's specific to your case.

Dr. Google is not always that helpful 😉. You can then make a judgement based on the specialist's explanation.

Good luck x

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Hi I am having an MRI after having a lap. I was only diagnosed with Endo and nothing was actually treated as it was to severe to be sorted by a general gynae. I have been referred to a specialist and she has told me the reason for the MRI is to see how deep the Endo is and how close it is to my bowel before further surgery.

Good luck.


Hi there.

I was referred for an MRI after a lap as they found a septum in my uterus, along with endo. They needed to do an MRI scan to determine how big it was so they could operate again. Good luck xx


Thanks for the replies ladies.

I did spend all of Friday trying to get in touch with the consultants secretary but had no luck so I will try again tomorrow.

Best wishes to you all xx


Hey lovely! I know it's awful, but at least they are following it up so quickily. I had my lap in august last year and only now getting a scan after they found what looks like endo on my bowel. The first lap was awful and they didn't do anything. So before i go in for my next lap, they want to make sure i have no endo on my bowel and they just want to have a look around. If i have endo on bowel it means a more major surgery, possibly bowel resection. They just want to make sure of any endo on your bowel and whether or not they need to get it out. Don't worry, if it was anything more sinister they would have done things differently. And if its not on the bowel, they might just want to check they got the endo or where it is exactly.


Many thanks for your reply. I can't believe you had to wait so long to get a scan! How awful. I hope that they don't find anymore endo on your bowel and that you can avoid the operation. Sending you good luck vibes ----


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