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Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst after Novasure endometrial ablation/ biopsy

I am in agony since my endometrial ablation/ biopsy on the 19th December ( yes I was warned on here to be really careful of having it on here but asked endless questions of Dr and though it would be ok :( ) No scans were done before op last examination was April last year I queried this continuously but tried to trust them :(

Anyway.... woke up in agony left side pain level childbirth +5 when I came around from GA after ablation, plus had the crampy period pains I was expecting from ablation. The also did a hysteroscopy and biopsy while I was under.

Been in agony since on more and more pain killers dihydrocodine + tramadol been prescribed plus diclofenic and backward and forward to a and e / gp over the xmas period. Been sent away continuously with different diagnosis, it's infection massive amount of ABX but then no its not an infection ..... kidney stones ??? but then no not kidney stones.... , given more and more pain killers finally had a ultrasound on the 10th of Jan which they originally said it showed nothing so maybe a bowel problem ( that coincidentally started same time as op ??) go to GP ????

Pain continued went back to hospital saw Dr who did op he said ultrasound showed polycytic ovaries , couple of fibroids and fluid in wall of uterus, he thought if I waited fluid should be reabsorbed but referred me for MRI urgenly.

Loads of mess ups and delays I still in agony finally MRI on 26 Jan appointment for results 6th Feb get to appointment clinic been cancelled. Told to ring secretary for new urgent appointment useless had to contact pals emailed and rang everyday until finally got MRI results sent to GP. I have a general gyne appointment on the 21st so will hopefully get full results then ...

But have been told so far I have a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst?? I have had continuous pain day and night bladder and bowel very painful to empty and have fainted once from the pain the day before yesterday and my left leg numb + hip is very painful.Sitting and standing painfull and tiring no period bleeding since ablation bleeding finished , my stomach is very swollen period pains too but no bleeding at all ?? I feel very sick but not been sick and have very loose stool since op and am very itchy the last few days.

Does anyone have any tips about dealing with cysts and when to worry?

I really don't want to go to GP A and E again before Gyne appointment on 21st but the painkillers really not helping now the pain is constant seems a long way away next Tuesday.

Is there anything I shouldn't do with a cyst or is it ' just' pain .......

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So sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I had two cysts until recent cystectomy. My consultant said unlikely to burst but cause inflammatory response. I really hope you are with bsge centre? Try to help your body with alkaline foods and drinks.(green veg, herbal tea.. Ginger n turmeric really helped with my belly.Epsom bath or castor oil pack on belly. It really helped me whilst waiting a year for surgery. Hope you get answers soon. Best wishes xxx


Supercool I trying to have a turmeric latte everyday and as much ginger as possible. Pain suddenly so bad Monday annoyingly had to go A&E to get pain under control with morphine sudden massive pain and vomiting . Really trying with the good diet struggling to eat anything as everything goes through pretty quick and quite painful bladder and bowel😖 Anyway had 3rd gyne appointment cancelled Tuesday was gutted they've made another appointment so finally get MRI results sat plus another appointment now for ultrasound on Monday , made another complaint to PALS so finally have appointment,

THankyou for your advice where were your cysts and what symptoms did you get if you don't mind me asking. 😀👍


Sorry to hear about a&e visit. Nightmare! Both cysts on ovaries. Stabbing pain on and off... Worse with movement and after bowel movement. Although surgery done 5wks ago still feeling pain. Not as bad thankfully. Had the same symptoms as you've mention after burst polyp in womb. God we really do suffer xx hope you're feeling better today. Much love xx


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