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Merina coil

I have posted in here a few time before. I am currently undiagnosed, and full story can be seen on my profile. Basically I have always had horrendous periods. I am nearly 35 I have had two children (second was really hard to conceive) over the last few years I took a break from pill and suffered rectal bleeding and my period pain was unbearable. So I went back on the pill. In the last now 18 months I have gone from Yasmin, to millinet, and then onto Gedaral. I was finally sent for a scan by gp that was clear, so went back and asked to be referred to gynae.

In September I saw a general gynae, who didn't really listen to me said it could be endo but can't be that bad as I have no cysts in my overies. He asked me to have a think go back and he would fit me with the coil.

So no we are middlemof ovetiber and I go back and have it fitted, he said it is the treatment for endo and should sort it out. The first week was agony, I went to go and was prescribed naproxen for the pain and codrydamol. I bled for six weeks straight then it stopped, I have had two periods both of them have been so painful. I have permanent lower back pain, I experience pain in my groin area, and I have like a tugging pain in my right side. This pain is most bad when I am due but is aggrivated by exercise. It literally feels like something is being torn,, it radiates out to my hip bone.

I feel like I have been in permemant discomfort since having it fitted. It still hurts to have sex, (although the bleeding is far less) I am totally exhausted and I am starting to feel really depressed.

So I am going back to my gp to ask for another referral, I had no follow up with my gynae, he never took any swabs to check my sexual health ( as I understand they are meant to do this) he had never examined me in any way it was like I had to have the coil fitted. I felt he didn't take me very seriously and tonne honest he was quite patronising. I asked if the coil would stop sex being painful and he just shrugged and said he didn't know.

He seemed a nice person but an older man that seemed out of touch. I want to have a lap to find out for definite if I have endo, I can't live like this. I have no patience for my kids, work have noticed I am really struggling, I have put on 10lb now since October, and I just feel miserable. Had any one else experienced treatment like this??

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