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Waiting times

I waited 7 months after paying private to see my consultant for my laposcopy. Then my letter of findings came 3 weeks after saying that I needed a review appointment in 3 months. My review appointment came 6 months after the surgery.

And now I'm waiting for another laposcopy and hormone treatment. And the waiting time for that is 1 year.

I live in northern ireland. And I'm wondering are these waiting times the same in other parts of the UK?

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That seems long compared to England waiting times. But I'm not sure what you could actually do unless you went private. You could try to see if you could be referred to a specialist endo centre? UCLH in london has one.



I've been private for my consultations but don't have the money to go private for my ops. I've asked about being referee to England or Scotland and you have to be a special case to get that done.

Keeping fingers crossed not long


I know in Wales that if it's a routine lap the waiting time is 6 - 8 months. Due to my pain my consultant did mine in three months. I'm not really sure what you can do about the waiting times xx


That's pretty quick. I've been in hospital with my pain for a few days at a time and it's still no quicker here. X


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