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Minor op for mirena coil this friday



After some reassurance and advice please,

I have my appointment through i have to go to my hospital this Friday 10th Feb to have a minor op to have the coil fitted. I may have to have it under local anaesthetic due to complications in the past. I'm looking for advice from people who've had this what should I expect? Is it uncomfortable for any time afterwards? Roughly how long do you continue to bleed for until it takes effect?

Any other advise you can give to me would be very much appreciated.


Joely xxx

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Hi Joley

I had my first one fitted after a minor procedure in a clinic; it was fine, minor spotting and I was up and ready to go home 45 minutes later. I had a bit of period-like cramp.

The Mirena is effective immediately for contraception but it can take up to six months for periods to get lighter (and for some lucky women) stop completely.

The second time, it was replaced under general anaesthetic, as I was in to have a colposcoply. That too was good. No pain either and was able to go home a couple of hours after the procedure and fit enough for work the next day. (shoopfloor, on my feet all day role).

So a positive experience for me.

Just waiting for an NHS appointment to have mine replaced again, probably as a minor procedure in a clinic.

I wish you all the very best and do ask for a nurse to chaperone you (and to have a hand to hold) if you need it.



Thank you so much for your reply it's really helpful I have to say the closer it's getting to my appointment I am slightly nervous and apprehensive about it all and hope it goes as smoothly as possible. I work with children my boss is so understanding so I have all day Friday off just in case any complications occur. Fingers crossed your appointment comes through soon.

My mum is coming with me so I'll make her hold my hand haha. Xx

Thank you! Aren't Mum's great? You'll be fine xx

They certainly are the best!! Now it's the night before I am so nervous! I would much rather be going to work instead x

Hang in there...imagkne a gorgeous beach, plan trees, cocktails. It should distract you from what's going on down south 😉

Haha I tired to do this 😉 Had it done it was rather uncomfortable during the process but since I've had terrible tummy cramps which have resulted in me being back in bed for the majority of the day is this normal? Xx

Normal. Also, we each have our own limitations so be kind to yourself, enjoy the rest and get well soon x

Thank you I think I am being a little harsh on myself xx

Aren't we all? x

We sure are! I was going to go back to work luckily my boss told me otherwise! I'm thinking of trying a hot water bottle to help with the cramps xx

Sorry to ask another question I'm just really worrying- is it normal for the pain to be unbearable? I can't describe how bad the pain is I have been unable to move off my bed/the sofa all day the pain is constant I didn't expect it to be this bad 😔 Xx

It can bad as bad a bad period cramps. Have you got some ibuprofen and a hot water bottle?

I just feel useless as I didn't expect the pain to be rid bad, due to other health problems all I'm allowed to take is paracetamol which is rubbish as they aren't touching the pain I've had my hot water bottle going to try it again later xx

Hang in there, take it easy and hopefully you'll feel better in the morning x

Hi, I found it a little crampy afterwards like a mild period cramp , but if it feels painful get it checked as they can dislodge.

I did bleed for quite alwhile afterwards but did have abalation done during my lap.

Apart from that it was fine, no other problems.

Mines been removed now though, which was even easier just a speculum and a gentle tug.

Good luck x

Joely21 in reply to SallyE1978

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply it means a lot, I am a bit nervous the closer it gets (silly I know)

Hopefully it goes smoothly and I will wonder what I was ever worrying about xx

Hi Joely, I had the coil fitted a few months ago. For me, it was quite a painful procedure despite the local anaesthetic, but don't worry, they said I would experience more pain due to unusual circumstances (had just had a lengthy internal scan and moving of my uterus/ovaries to check mobility, was already experiencing very bad pain that day, had a lot of inflammation, bled heavily during the procedure, and had a longer procedure due to complications with my uterus shape/angle and pelvic floor issues etc etc) and even then it was sore but manageable and will be well worth it if it helps my symptoms. So I guess if you're under general you wouldn't experience this anyway. Due to all this, they did tell me my recovery would be more painful than usual and although I had severe cramps for the next 48 hours, it seems that this does not usually happen and again it was still manageable considering the help it could give me. Not sure about the bleeding q, I think everyone is a bit different, I stopped bleeding after a few days but I was at the end of my period anyway so I'm not sure. I did spot for a few weeks though. They've told me now that I should wait a year to see if helps my bleeding issues and endo symptoms. So don't be scared, I had some complications and it was still all fine! :) I hope it all goes smoothly for you, wishing you a speedy recovery with little pain x

Joely21 in reply to KatieJBW

Hi Katie, thank you for replying to me. Oh no bless you sounds painful, I'm trying to stay calm about it but I am getting very nervous. I am only having the anaesthetic if things don't quiet go to plan. I am just worried as I am bleeding quite badly at the minute so I'm worried it's really going to hurt 😔 I have the day off work as I work with children so my boss is letting me have the day off just in case to be in the safe side. Thank you so much for your wishes fingers crossed I'm just being a bit of a wimp and things will go smoothly xx

I had a bit of pain afterwards for a few days and spotting for about a week. After that it settled down which was a gods send. I had quite a good experience with the coil I barely had any periods at all just occasional spotting and that was only about three times a year. I was petrified having mine done and I won't lie I found it very uncomfortable when they were inserting it but I didn't find the check ups bad at all so I suppose it's each to their own on that. I hope that helps a little xx

Joely21 in reply to jadey18

Thank you for your message everything has really helped. I agree it was uncomfortable when happening since I've had it done I've had to lie down in bed as the stomach cramps are really bad I'm hoping it eases real soon 😔 Xx

jadey18 in reply to Joely21

Your not alone I was in pain for quite a few days too with mine I've just had a lap and I keep telling myself that each day will get a little easier xx

Joely21 in reply to jadey18

Aw bless you sorry to ask I'm just worrying a bit- was your pain unbearable? I can't describe the pain I'm in it's absolute agony I haven't been able to move off my bed/ the sofa all day I didn't expect it to be this painful 😖

How are you feeling after your lap? Xx

No don't worry I don't mind at all. I was in a considerable amount of pain a bit like you are now really. Confined to the bed and sofa I think it took about a week to settle down properly. If it doesn't get better in that time maybe just book an appointment wth your doctor to ask them to check it. At worst they could maybe put your mind at rest. Aw not great at the moment but as I only has it yesterday I can't expect too much. I can get out of bed slowly and walk around a bit. Sleeping is a bit of a nightmare I can't get comfortable it feels like someone's pulling my insides out for want of a better word lol xx

Joely21 in reply to jadey18

I am so glad I have this forum to talk to people as I keep saying to my partner and family about the pain but obviously all they can do is reassure me. Although not nice for yourself I feel more at ease now i know it can be normal as he didn't say a thing about pain just to rest for today and be pampered so I have been worrying something went wrong. Aw bless you your doing well considering it was only yesterday ah yes sleeping can be a problem for the first little while it will improve with time I promise, after all it is 'invasive' surgery so takes time to heal just rest as much as you can and take time to do things, the worse thing for me was the trapped wind as it got stuck in my shoulder (it happened hours after surgery so hopefully your clear of that) xx

I feel the same about this forum like you my partner reassures me but it's not the same as someone who has been through it. Aw I can assure you it is normal the pain for a while I don't remember them telling me about the pain afterwards either I just remember having it lol. My mother kept saying stand up straight you have had worse than this I had a lap 10 years ago (2 years before I had the coil). I have got shoulder pain I'm taking peppermint water for it from the hospital it's still quite bad. I'm surprised I'm doing as well as I am but I'm crossing my fingers because I don't want it to get worse lol! Aw thank you I'll try and rest as much as I can and you do the same. If you need a chat I'm here xx

Joely21 in reply to jadey18

How you feeling today Hun? Sorry it's me again just feel this is the best place to ask question, so far all of today I literally can't stop going to the toilet and it hurts to go did this happen for you? I don't want to ring somewhere and ask for advice and they think that I'm being silly as it was only yesterday xx

jadey18 in reply to Joely21

I don't remember much about going to the toilet a lot I do remember it hurting though for a few days. A bit like now really I'm going to the toilet and feeling like my insides are going to come out. lol that's the only way I can describe it xxx

Joely21 in reply to jadey18

Aw bless you I know exactly how you feel I feel the same, it's so hard to tell people exactly how you feel I couldn't take it much longer so I rang for advice and they booked me an appointment at out of hours clinic, I sat in there and when I was asked what sort of pain are you in I froze I said to be honest I can't describe it however it's absolute agony he examined my tummy etc could tell how much pain I was in because I have an infection 😔 Xx

jadey18 in reply to Joely21

Oh never! Thank god you went to see them then. That's the thing this kind of procedure can cause these types of infections can't it. I managed to go in the shower earlier tonight and I feel a bit better. It is hard to describe the feeling my belly button is hurting but I don't know if that's because it's healing but mines been bleeding a bit since I've had it done xx

Joely21 in reply to jadey18

I'm so glad I went! Back to the doctors for me tomorrow things are still bad 😔 How are you now xx

jadey18 in reply to Joely21

I was in quite a lot of pain yesterday I did go for a short walk so I don't know if that's why. By my lower incision it's really hard and painful i think that may be because it's healing but I'm definitely keeping an eye on it. How are you feeling now? Xx

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