Likelihood of reoccurrence after surgery?

Hey ladies I have recently been diagnosed with "mild" endo. I'm in pain every month at ovulation and crippling pain during periods never mind the fact I think it's making me infertile. I'm going to get referred to a specialist and after already contacting the person I want to see he suggested surgical removal of all endo. As mine is "mild" what's the likelihood of it returning after surgery? I wouldn't want to go ahead then end up in a worse place because I didn't just leave it be. Thanks x

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  • I had my lap a year ago it was also on my cervix with was creating so much discharge it was driving me crazy I had relief for I'd say 6months and it's back already all the pain discharge etc have all the tests no infection etc so I no its back. I suppose everyone is different you might have a longer relief than me. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm hoping I get relief long enough for IVF to work and not be in pain all the time. :-) x

  • Well that she my next hope they said I had a 3month window to conceive naturally unfortunately it didn't happen do I now have to have another lap before I can try anything else very long process lol x

  • When I was diagnosed the end of last year they said as mine was mild they didn't think it would affect my fertility but were nearly hitting the 3 year mark and nothing at all has happened except the pain has gotten worse and now my first cycle failed due to poor stimulation I just want It out so I can tick it off the infertility list and get some relief from pain x

  • Ps it might have same effect as zolodex / prostrap surgery if you manage to get pregnancy but it can still come back after pregnancy.

  • Hmmm it can come back and often does and depends a lot on where the endo is . It can be all over large small intestine appendix diaphragm even . It depends on if they find it all . Also depends on skill of surgeon and how it is removed . Laser is rubbish avoid . Ask how they will remove it please do . Excision is touted as being the best I.e cutting it out . Scarey words like shaving it off the vowel set my teeth on edge but is a good technique apparently. Make sure you are at a bsge endo centre otherwise don't go . Get it done at. Bsge centre list on website bsge centre just google it. Endo can be all over it's not always just a little bit and it's not just on uterus and ovaries. Sometimes it's best to leave the surgery and just gave zolodex or prostrap . These drugs arnt cure and they limit the time they give them . Mr trehan gas a specialist technich of Removing it kind of like peeling but I'm not convinced didn't really help me plus the adhesions u can get after can be actually worse than the endo. I'm not trying to be negative but Ive had s 15 year hard time with this . I even had a hysterectomy with ovary and cervix removal and something is aggravated bad by tThe hrt still. I suspect endo on or inside my bowel that was missed or some weird adhesions pulling thing. I was far better on the zolodex/ prostrap and could take my hrt daily .awaiting MRI scan. At least get to a bsge centred don't be afraid to change ordinary gyne mostly not very good at this . Let me know how u get on if you get chance and best of luck / if u want any advice xxx

  • I am going to see a BSGE registered consultant but as I am going private its at the private hospital in Aberdeen not the Royal Infirmary which is on the BSGE website. The consultant has his own website and it details everything he is capable of doing etc I'm fully confident he will help me. If it comes back then it comes back but I want to at least try and get it removed to try and boost my fertility and help with the pain. I'm due to start IVF again over the next 3-6 months so id rather not take any drugs or hormones. I get rectal bleeding an no its already on my bowel so inside isn't a far stretch either so will see what he says when I get the consultation through. Thank you for the support :-) x

  • I wish you all the best and hope things go well for you xx

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