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Need advice please :-)

I was diagnosed with Endo last November when I was rushed into hospital to get my appendix out. I had a lap 6 years ago but no endo was discovered although most recent gyni thinks it was their just not visible or seen. I have been TTC for 2.5 years and our first IVF cycle failed as I didn't stimulate properly. As I have private health insurance through my work I was debating with the idea of getting my GP to refer me to a specialist who is private in Aberdeen. I don't know when my next cycle will start but they said a few months so I'm waiting on my period to start so I can go to GP and ask for referral. The gyni told me after my appendectomy that I had mild end, my left ovary was stuck to my bowel and a cyst had ruptured and I had it on my pelvic wall. Less than a month later at my baseline scan I had a 3.5cm endometrioma on my left side.

My fear is I get another surgery and they need to take my ovary or resect my bowel, or something happens that further reduces my fertility. I emailed the consultant I would be asking to be referred to and he said due to pain, rectal bleeding and infertility he would suggest surgical treatment of the endo which I assume means removal, lazering bla bla bla.

Anyone been in a similar situation? I'm worried If I go full steam ahead it sets us further back with fertility treatment or removes options all together. Any advise at all would be much appreciated. :-) x


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