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Is this normal for my doctor to do?

My doctor called my mom and said they were gonna do a dmc(I think that's what it's called it was dm something) instead of a laparoscopic surgery. I'm really confused I've never heard of someone doing a dmc to someone with endometriosis. I'm just so done with feeling like this and I feel like I'm not even getting the right help. Is it normal to get a dmc instead

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Hi, do you think your mother might have misheard and that they're going to do a D&C (dilation and curettage)? This is a procedure which looks inside the uterus whereas endometriosis exists outside the uterus. I've read about a few people with abnormal bleeding having a D&C, but normally in conjunction with a laparoscopy at some point.

I'm also wondering why on earth your doctor is talking to your mother about these things instead of you?! Surely you should be involved in these discussions?

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My doctor told me that she wanted to do the surgery because she thinks I have endometriosis. she also said she wanted to look at my ovaries since they couldn't see my left one and take biopsy. I bleed every day and I have for a year and a half. No meds work. I'm just really confused and I'm just tired of not feeling good. I feel like my doctor doesn't even know what she is doing but she's the best in my town so I don't know. I just wanna be fixed and I don't think I'm on the right path for it.


Hi if it is a D&C - which as I understand it is removing lining of uterus, this will not confirm endo. If you are a minor please ask your mum for some help to research the procedure the doc is proposing and find out if the surgeon has any experience with endometriosis. It doesnt sound very professional for the doctor to do this either way & I agree he should be talking to you even if your younger- it is your body.


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