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Endometrioma cyst

Hi I just found out last week that the cyst I have on my ovary is a endometrioma cyst and is measuring 4cmx5cm. I've been advised that they will keep doing monthly scans to see if the cyst grows or stays the same. Has anyone had anything similar and what was the outcome? Also I've heard stories about the cyst bursting. Any info would be great thanks.

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I was told chocolate cysts don't burst on there own x


I've just had mine removed...6cm. I think they can burst so I opted for planned surgery rather than emergency surgery. They also found endometriosis and removed that too. Just at the recovery stage at home. Feeling good just a little tender.


I had a endo cyst in similar size in July 2012. I wasn't monitored but my pain increased slowly over the next few months. January 2013 it was 6cm, had surgery april 2014 to just drain the cyst and it was 8cm by then.

I don't recommend just having an endo cyst drained. 4 months later the pain was back and a scan showed about 4 cysts between 2-4cm each had grown.

This year I had a scan in jul


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Last year in July there was one cyst which was already nearly 6cm and causing daily pain. I wasn't monitored and waiting list for surgery was 4 months+. It had grown to 10x12 cm by surgery just before Christmas and it was agony!!

Just ensure they do monitor you closely and ask about having the cyst excised (cut out) and not just drained. Almost always come back if they are only drained ( believe from what I've read and personal experience ) xx


Hi thank you guys for your advice. I would say the pain has been worse these last few days, last night I was in bed by 6pm because I could feel the pain on my nerves all the way down my thigh, groin and leg. I took ponstan (melefanic acid) which the docs gave me and this made no difference so I took strong cocodamils last night just to get some relief so I could sleep. I can still feel it today and my leg feels heavy. I don't know if this is maybe the cyst pressing on nerves. I am waiting to be scanned again on the 23rd feb so will ask then about having the cyst cut out. I know this is maybe a stupid question but because the cyst is on my ovary, does this mean the ovary will have to be removed too? I'm only 25 and new to this, so don't understand it all yet.

Also flowerpotts can I ask what you used for pain management? and also what type of symptoms you had with the pain, if it was anything similar to what I am describing with my leg and back.




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