Does IVF Worsen endo symptoms??

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Anyone able to advise? I have extensive endo (pain unbearable during periods/ovulation) I am currently mid IVF cycle taking injections (bureslin & gonal f) to suppress own hormones n stimulate follicles etc.following a light bleed I have been in unbearable pain for 5days/nights now.i spoke to the IVF clinic who said its prob just the injections messing with my body. Has anyone any experience of this.i am exhausted & just want the pain to stop,other side effects I can cope with. What should be an exciting time (been trying so long) is becoming a nightmare :-(

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  • Hey Loubielou. I'm no expert and can't answer your question directly but I get a lot of pain with endo and am also at the same stage of IVF as you by the sounds of things. I too am feeling some of the normal symptoms/pain I normally put down to endo but not the worst I experience by a long chalk (for the moon anyway - fingers crossed). Period pain when on Buserelin only to down regulation was amplified and was sick more often than usual at that time.

    I just keep thinking to myself that I always thought I would go through anything to have a child of our own and would welcome morning sickness etc, so I remind myself of those thoughts and that for me, I'll go through it even for the chance to have our child. After over 2 years excrutiating pain with co-codamol only due to ttc, at least we're on the journey now and there's an end game. I find for me that makes it just something I have to put up with but still getting the nervous/excited feeling often enough to be content (for the moment).

    Hope it helps to know there's others out there and can say they get it. Are you due your action scan soon? Mine's is this Friday so keeping everything crossed and will do same for you.

  • Hi gosh it's so good to hear I'm not on my own.(wish it was under better circumstances) I keep telling myself it will be worth it & won't complain about any stage of pregnancy too if I am lucky enough for this to work :-) but it's hard with constant pain for nearly week now. I have my scant his Thursday hopefully egg collection transfer next week. Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Hi,

    Saw the message and wanted to reply, I felt terrible with my endometriosis during ivf, it seemed to just emphasise everything. My clinic explained that this is normal and since speaking to other sufferers they have said the same. However, I now have a beautiful 1 year old after many years of ttc. The ivf can get hard but it really is worth every inch of pain and I'd do it all again in a flash. Ive suffered with stage 4 endo for several years now but following ivf and pregnancy I can honestly say it's the best it's ever been.

    I wouldn't want to make you feel worse, but just want to pre warn you that I found the evening following the egg collection quite painful, however I think it's because nobody had warned me that this was normal. I was really scared that something had gone wrong with the process but it's honestly normal. Just be prepared for some endo type pain, stock up on chocolate and sit with a hot water bottle and your favourite film and think about the exciting times ahead, you'll be fine.

    One tip I was given to laugh lots following embryo transfer and the two week wait. Obviously I didn't feel like laughing, but I made myself watch endless episodes of friends and did feel slightly more light hearted for making myself do so.....and it worked!

    Sending you all the luck and best wishes in the world x c

  • Hello

    Lovely to hear you've conceived with stage 4 endo. In really interested in heating your story please. I've been stage 4 endo sufferer for years. Had first lap only removing minimal endo then 2 Nhs Ivf cycles both failed. Had second lap to excise extensive endo but some left on bowel. Had third Ivf cycle, better than before but still failed. Now looking at third lap to excise endo on bowel before next Ivf cx

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear about your previous ivf. This was our third cycle that was successful. It's unbelievably tough isn't it. I had four laps in three years to remove extensive endo, from the bowel too. We we're told that ivf would probably be unsuccessful for us due to the damage from endo and scarring from removal of adhesions etc. I just felt like I needed to try still. I kept reading about people who had been lucky enough to conceive in the end. Our second cycle was close, the embryo implanted and we did get a positive test result but bloods revealed the embryo had been lost early on. They said it was a good sign though so we tried again, and it worked.

    Were your cycles frozen or immediately after egg collection? I've been reading recently how frozen cycles can be more successful. Also I hear that your chances of ivf success are greater soon after lap? X

  • Hi I read your story and inspired. I Just wanted to know did you get your IVF through NHS or Private clinic?

  • Hello thank you for your reply. My extensive excision was last feb and told to try ttc naturally before icsi. No success so had icsi oct, had better results as had two fertilised perfect embryos, both transferred but didn't implant. They think implantation issue may be due to endo on bowel. Having bowel endo excise and part bowel removal in next few months and will try icsi as soon as immediately after surgery xx

  • Sorry mine were fresh embryos. I've also seen successes from frozen embryos too xx

  • hi been in your situation 2 times . yes the pain is normal you have different hormones counteracting each other which makes it worse . and they are producing more eggs than you would normally get . I only ever had 4 at a time but I know lady's that produced up to 11 eggs . which hurt . take it easy relax for headaches use for head ache.

    it did not work for us due to my poor egg quality and husbands low sperm count . but lots of people have been successful .

    fingers crossed for you both hope to hear some good news soon x

  • Oddly, during the down reg and alot of the stim phase, I have been more pain free than have ever been.

    But i have been utterly exhausted, despite no pain. But I do have some pain now since HCG shot, and I have egg collection tomorrow which I am dreading. I am supposed to be going out locally with a few friends in the evening who don't know i am going through this - so will see how I feel. I am in at 6:15 for 7:15 appt.

    Did any of you have follicles that got too large, i think mine are too big so think may have missed the boat.

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