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Short period, first time ever!

Hi everyone, I've had endometriosis for over 20 years and have always suffered long heavy periods, with pain intensifying from ovulation to menstruation. It's weird and I should be greatful but I literally have just bled not so heavily for two days and now it's tailed off. The build up from ovulation to bleeding was more or less the same as normal with incredibly sore breasts, pain going to the toilet, back pain, painful intercourse etc. Has anyone else experienced this? I just find it really weird..

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And it was mucousy rather than full of clots too!

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My periods have changed over that time frame but not quite in the same way. They are shorter in duration but more severe and painful and more regular with a shorter cycle length. Ive fainted on the loo and my back pain has worsened as has my painful intercourse.


Oh that's awful for you :( my pain has remained the same with painful intercourse being the norm nowadays but I just thought it was weird and maybe it's a sign or early menopause or something as I've never had such a short period.. it wasn't so filled with clots either, just very mucousy. The time between ovulation and menstruation was awful though.. so weird. Thanks for responding


Your welcome. Like you I never knew a time when sex wasn't painful for many years I wondered what all the fuss was about!

Eventually , years after I was married, a GP told me it shouldn't actually be like that and referred me to a gynae but he was useless and nothing came of it.

I did read periods do get a bit shorter with age.http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/womens-health/in-depth/menstrual-cycle/art-20047186

Seems like anything can happen with periods and me now. I was spotting half the month and I was having dark clots on top of heavy spotting and my actual Niagara falls day period kick off. I've always been very mucousy all the time no idea why so I'd not thought on that as a endo thing but perhaps it is. Thrush I read somewhere or other can sometimes be associated and I used to get that mildly quite a lot.

On Mirena now so everything is even more haywire but hoping it will settle soon now I am past the first month.


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