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Can Endometriosis not be present at laparoscopy?

Hi all,

I am 20 years old and have had menstrual problems, chronic pelvic pain, bowel and bladder issues since I was 14. I have also developed painful intercourse and occasional bleeding after sex. I have been back and forth from doctors and gynaes throughout this time. In 2013 I had my appendix removed, after a suspected ruptured ovarian cyst. After this my pain continued and in Feb 2014 I had a diagnostic lap for suspected endometriosis.

After the laparoscopy the surgeon came down to discuss his findings. He told me no endo was found, however he removed a large amount of scar tissue from my abdomen. A few months after the lap, I continued to have my symptoms. I have had clear ultrasound scans, internal scans and blood tests. They have referred me back to gynae for future investigation.

Does anyone know if it is possible I do have endometriosis and it was just not present at the last lap? As I know some women need at least three laparoscopies to diagnose endo?

Any advice is much appreciated!

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I think alot is dependent on the surgeon and there knowledge to - I have met some that can give me text book of endo but have only ever met one who wasn't hesitant in operating who knew what they were on about.

Perhaps you really don't have endo not that helps to give answers to you.

I would ask gyne for another lap you may get a different gyne this time.

Sorry to hear your struggling with this

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Hey sorry to hear what you've been going through. What I've learnt from this site is that it's best for a Bgse centre to carry out the lap as they are more experienced with diagnosing and finding endo as opposed to a general gynaecologist as they are more thorough.

Did you have yours with a general gynae?


Thanks, yes it was done with general gynaecologist. I was in A&E last week, on discharge note it says tenderness and free fluid also!

Will have a look at Bgse possibility, thank you


You could ask your gynae to refer you but they can be quite reluctant to do so..I've also been pushing mine to do the same x


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