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Laparoscopy for endometriosis

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I’ve just had laporoscopic surgery for ovarian cyst caused by endometriosis - I had incisions made in belly button then one just above which are both quite small. Another incision was made right in the middle of my stomach between my knicker line and my belly button so it’s in a really visible place. I had the op three days ago and just removed the dressings today to change them and have noticed the wound at the bottom is a huge hole it almost looks like I have two belly buttons it’s so deep. It also feels like it’s puklimg and stretching and I think they have knitted it together too tightl or something. I’ve already got loose skin due to having big babies and this looks really hideous as it’s a big deep crevice in middle of stomach. I’m so upset over it has anyone else had anything like this? I had a lap four years ago and the stitches were hardly noticeable. I don’t know where to go to get it checked and I’m worried if it heals like this I will be disfigured for life :-(

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Sorry hun your feeling like this I can imagine how your feeling. I was advised if I need my stitches looking at or taking out to go see my practice nurse. Maybe give them a, call and see if she can advice you. Hope you heal quick hun 💗🤗😘

Thank you I will do that in the morning and see if they can look at it for me it just doesn’t seem right x

Hi thanks for your reply, I will take your advice and see the practice nurse if I can tomorrow. Compared to my last surgery it seems really deep I think because I had loose skin they’ve knitted too much of it together tightly it feels like it’s stretching when I stand up straight and it also looks really strange. It’s also much more painful than the other two incisions which are just flat wounds and look as you’d expect them to. I’m feeling really down because I’m in so much pain so having an embarrassing body is just tipping me over the edge. I feel like I’ve gone through the surgery just to look and feel worse x

I've had several laps for endo and very small cuts.

I know how you feel. When I had my gallbladder out (not endo, gallstones) I was alarmed at the incision directly above my belly button under my ribs. It was huge and puckered. It is now flat and barely noticeable! Took about 6 months.

I found out later from my surgeon that he had to make the incision underneath much larger than expected, because of huge gallbladder and that the sutures were done accordion style to prevent a hernia.

Check with the nurse. I thought mine was odd too, but healed nicely. Good luck!

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I’m still struggling with the appearance of this - I have been seen by emergency gynae who also felt the hole that was left was very deep and referred me back to my surgeon. She told me I’d had very strong stitching underneath to prevent a hernia and that things ‘might’ loosen up a bit and the appearance improve. She has asked to see me again in January to check it out. I’ve taken photographs of it at the time and now which is 4 weeks later and it’s still this huge puckered indentation in the middle of my stomach I’m so worried it won’t go back to normal. Did yours look like a hole? Or was it just a large incision? This honestly looks like another belly button but bigger than my other one 😰 xx

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I'm so sorry and know How you feel. My top incision is about 2cm and the surgeon said the internal incision was 6cm. He had to overlap the internal one with many stiches to prevent a hernia. Mine looked like a trench with a long indentation. I would glance up in the mirror after a shower and think in was my belly button. It was very painful for 3 months. 7 months later, it's still sensitive if I touch it. I can feel the indentation still, but visually it's barely noticeable. It looks like a straight scar now.

I understand how distressing it can be. After 3 laps and my belly button having had three incisions for each surgery, has gone from looking like one to a slit that's about 4 cm. Curved downwards. I think that's something I'll be living with now. The other scar, I feel as though, it filled in and underneath the tissue settled. It still the most noticeable one even though, I've had 2 surgeries since.

I guess patience and time will tell for you. But as I mentioned earlier mine is still tender. I feel it is still healing and is getting less visible as well.

It's still very early, incision wise, for healing for your incision. Strange, but true.

Wishing you the best!!!

Hi! I am having my first lap on Monday so can't comment BUT in April I had to have a growth removed from my hairline....they put 50 stitches in it and bunched my skin up so dramatically that one eyebrow was clearly higher than the other....I looked like Frankenstein and was distraught! However once the stitches were out my eyebrows were the same height and today you can't even see a scar on my head now. The body is a wonderful thing!

Ah thanks so much for saying that as it sounds really reassuring about the body sorting itself out. I’ve now been to see the practice nurse and she agreed it didn’t look right and said it actually looks like they’ve created a second belly button and that’s just how it does look I’m so upset. I’ve rang the surgeons secretary and she’s booked me into the energency gynae clinic this afternoon so they can look at it. I can’t bare the thought of having it messed about with tho as it’s so painful at the minute I can’t even touch it or anywhere near it. I’m so swollen I’m wondering if I will ever wear a pair of jeans again! Xx

Good luck with the emergency gynae. Well done for getting it sorted so quickly this will make a difference. Here's to the first time you wear jeans again after the swelling has gone down....that moment will be sweet! xxxx

Good luck with your lap by the way, if it’s any consolation my first one was fine I’m sure yours will be too and lots are xx

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